Carbon peel

Carbon peel aka Hollywood facial has become the latest fad in skincare industry after being endorsed by Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardarshian, Jennifer Anniston and many more. Smooth, soft and tighter skin of these celebrities is a testament to popularity of this peel. If you desire an instantly refreshed glowing skin, then this might be the right treatment to pamper yourself.

What is Carbon peel?

Carbon peel is a fast and painless procedure to treat acne prone skin, blackheads, sun damaged skin, fine lines, age spots and dark spots.

It uses liquid carbon over face which goes deep down to pores. A laser is then used to blast the carbon away and in turn opening the pores and removing dead skin cells.

How is Carbon peel done?

Carbon peel is a lunchtime peel that is completed in 30 minutes. It is a multi-step process.

A layer of liquid carbon is spread on face. Carbon goes deep into pores and absorbs oil, dirt particles.

After 10 minutes when the carbon has dried, an eye shield is given for eye protection from laser.

A laser is then passed over the carbon which peels the superficial dead skin layer and causes a tightening effect on deep layers.

Smoke evaporator attached to the laser then removes the carbon and finer particles.

What’s aftercare post carbon peel?

  • Moisturize skin daily as there will be some dryness.
  • Sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ is to be used.
  • No other skin treatments are to be done for one week.

Is carbon peel effective?

Carbon peel is very effective for oily skin and improving texture of skin. It is useful treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Regular sessions also help in reducing the severity of acne and giving a smoother skin.

Are there any side effects of carbon peel?

Carbon peels can refresh and improve the look of skin. There might be bit of redness and tingling sensation that usually resolves quickly. There will be some dryness of skin that is usually taken care of by moisturizer.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Results can be appreciated after first session but for best results 4-6 sessions might be needed.

Why Should I Choose Carbon Peel Over The Chemical Peel?

Carbon peel uses laser and not chemicals for exfoliating the skin. Unlike chemical peel it is suitable for all skin types. While chemical peel uses acidic compounds which might not be suitable for sensitive skin. Carbon peel rejuvenates the skin without any side effects.


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