I.V Booster Therapy

In a world full of stress and short of essential nutrients, IV booster therapy has come as a bridge to seal that gap. A 30 minute session can revitalize your body, skin and immune system.

The treatment has gained popularity over the past few years and has become an essential part of holistic wellness regimen-must with many celebrities backing it.

What is I.V booster therapy?

I.V booster therapy involves administration of multivitamins and micronutrients into your body via a drip set. Essential nutrients are directly entering the bloodstream through a small cannula (I.V stands for intravenous). The whole procedure is usually over in 30-45 minutes.

Why can’t I just pop in a multivitamin pill, why go for I.V route?

The multivitamins have become an important part since the pandemic arrived. It is not only required for a good skin, hair, body but also aid in boosting immunity.

Oral pills after ingestion goes through a digestion process where only 50-60% of vitamins are actually absorbed by the body. I.V booster therapy bypasses this route and thus absorption of multivitamins and micronutrients is very high as they are injected directly into blood stream.

What does booster drip contains?

  • IV drip are started after thorough evaluation by your doctor about what are the indications and needs according to your body’s requirement.
  • It can contain Vitamin B, C, Magnesium, Calcium, amino acids and antioxidants depending on an individual needs.

Is IV booster therapy for me?

IV booster works well in most of the cases as it is a part of holistic well – being. Be it dehydration, body aches, muscle spasm, anxiety, stress to skin glow, immunity boosting. It works well as an adjunct to help your skin, body, hair and immunity to bounce back.

Are there any risks associated with IV booster therapy?

It is one of the safest treatment but it is important that it is done under good medical supervision as it involves correct dosing of multivitamins, micronutrients, essential elements to prevent any harmful effects of over dose.

Can I return to work after IV booster therapy?

Yes, you can drive yourself back to work with a general feeling of rejuvenation.

How many sessions of IV booster therapy are recommended?

Depending on your specific body requirements, session are scheduled. It can range from 1 to many but the important thing is to space it out in consultation with your doctor.


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