Plasma eye lift/Non- surgical blepharoplasty

Plasma Eyelift Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Treatment in India

Plasma eye lift/Non- surgical blepharoplasty

Plasma Eye Lift or non – surgical blepharoplasty has come into demand with people who have saggy eyelids or loose skin around eye and don’t want any surgical correction.

In a right candidate, Plasma eye lift can be a suitable alternate to surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).

Non-surgical eye lift tightens the loose skin around eyelids without any cut.

How does Plasma eye lift work?

Plasma Eye Lift uses a small pen like device called as Plasma Pen.

  • Creates an ionised arc of plasma
  • Microdot or microenergy released causes skin contraction
  • Helps in skin tightening.

Am I a good candidate for plasma eye lift? 

You are a good candidate if you need

  • Tightening of mildly saggy eyelids
  • Removal of fines lines around the eyes
  • Only non – surgical option

What will happen after Plasma eye lift treatment?

There is some swelling which usually subsides in 3-4 days. The small microdots of brownish colour will resolve in 5- 7 days. It is important not to scratch or rub of the scab and let it heal naturally.  We usually prescribe hyaluronic acid serum and Vitamin C to accelerate healing. You will be required to wear sunscreen regularly and avoid sun exposure.

Is Plasma eye lift treatment painful?

Before treatment, a numbing cream is applied for 30-45 mins. There is no pain felt during and after the procedure. Mostly patients report mild comfort which can be taken care by a dose of painkiller that too is rarely used!

How many plasma lift treatments will be needed?

Usually a single session is sufficient but depending on the sagginess and type of skin texture more than one session might be needed.

Are there any risks with plasma pen treatment?

Plasma lift is non-surgical, so risks are extremely minimal compared to surgical skin tightening procedures.

  • Swelling: There might be some swelling around the treatment site that usually subsides within a week.
  • Darker complexions: There may be a risk or hyperpigmentation, which will be assessed during your consultation.

Dr. Anmol Chugh is trained in facial cosmetic surgery from Australia and has performed extensive work in the field of eyelid surgical and non-surgical treatment. He was one of the firsts, plastic and cosmetic surgeon to introduce plasma pen in India.


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