Successful Reattachment of Chopped Finger

Successful Reattachment of Chopped Finger


A 23 year old young man presented with chopped index finger of right hand which came in a grinder while working at construction site. He was immediately shifted to emergency department where patient was assessed by Plastic Surgery team.

Patient was immediately shifted to Operating room where complex microsurgery was performed to reattach the finger.

Operative findings:

Index finger of right hand was completely severed at the level of middle phalanx. Cut end of finger was well preserved in saline gauze in ice pack. Both the ends of finger were simultaneously explored by Plastic Surgery team under General Anaesthesia.

Small blood vessels of size less than 1 mm were re stitched with stitch size less than one tenth of millimeter. All the severe tendons, bone and nerve ends were resutured.

This complex microsurgery took 5 hours and in the end blood supply of finger was successfully restored.


Post- Surgery:

Patient was constantly monitored for vascularity of finger and general condition. He was successfully discharged after 5 days with index finger of his dominant hand reattached and is being monitored on OPD basis to restore good functional finger.


One of the most complex and difficult surgery in Plastic Surgery is reattaching cut limb. It requires great microsurgical skills along with technical prowess. Not many plastic surgeons are trained to do so. It remains a very gratifying surgery for both patient and plastic surgeon.