ARMLIFT Surgery/Brachioplasty

  • Do you have loose hanging skin under arms?
  • Is it affecting your confidence?

Then Arm lift can be a good procedure for you.

Arm lift / Brachioplasty is a procedure which removes excess fat and loose skin from under arms. Therefore, Armlift combines liposuction along with removal of skin to give you a contoured arm. The procedure gives you a more confident and toned look.

Arm Lift

Latest in Arm Lift: Minimally invasive Arm lift

Latest devices like Microaire, VASER, Embrace ensure that skin tightening can be achieved with or without fat removal.

In right candidate, these products based on Radio-frequency or ultrasonic wave energy can help to get required arm lift with conventional large cut.

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How to Remove Arm Fat – Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment


After taking out adequate amount of fat through LIPOSUCTION, the extra hanging skin is excised from elbow till armpits thus hiding the incision inside the arm. An adequate amount of skin is left so that arms look natural and contoured.

Liposuction is effective in removal of excess fat, but it does not take care of loose skin. Hence, Armlift is done WITH liposuction to remove the excess skin along with removal of fat.

It takes around 3 to 4 hours as it is done under general anaesthesia.

In the evening Dr.Chugh will see you and discharge you after assessment. You will be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and a compression garment will be put.

You’ll be able to go home that day, once the anesthesia has worn off. Your arms will look swollen and feel tight. Plan to have someone take you home and stay with you for the first 24 to 48 hours.

After surgery there can be discomfort or stiffness in arms which usually resolves by the end of first week. You will be taught about the movements you can do after armlift. It is advisable to not carry heavy weights or lifting arms over head. Compression garments that will be given to you is to be worn 24*7 for atleast 6 weeks as the swelling subsides by then.

You can return to desk job after one week but if it involves heavy work you should expect a downtime of two weeks.

You can start to walk comfortably after two days and subsequently increase the pace. Heavy exercise or weight lifting should not be started before 4 weeks.

Contoured arms can be appreciated after surgery but complete results can take upto three months as swelling subsides.

Arm lift is generally a safe procedure. There can be rare anaesthesia related complications and surgical risks like swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, wound dehiscence and delayed healing

If your weight remains stable and a good diet and exercise regime is followed, the results are long lasting.


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