HYMENOPLASTY / REVIRGINATION SURGERY has gained trend in recent years. There are many young females who before marriage want to get hymen repair done as it was before intercourse.

Hymenoplasty helps in reducing fear and anxiety amongst many women about their wedding nights.



Hymenoplasty involves repair of torn hymen due to sex or other physical activities.In women who are desirous of attaining virgin status this procedure can be done.

Dr. Chugh practices the latest technique of STSI (suture three stratums around the introitus) which restores all three layers of hymen. It is a safe technique with consistent results.

Hymenoplasty is either done in local or general anaesthesia and is not painful. The surgery gets over under an hour.

You will be discharged few hours after the surgery. There won’t be any pain but a discomfort which subsides in few days.

You can start your desk job next day but heavy work should be resumed after a week.

There might be spotting or discharge in initial days for which you can wear a pad.

Stitches are self- dissolvable and are absorbed in 8 weeks.

Heavy exercise should not be started before 6 weeks.

It is recommended that intimacy be resumed at least 3 months after the procedure.


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