Blepharoplasty/ Eyelid surgery

In this fast paced world, eyes are the most affected when it comes to the aging process. Droopy eyelids, puffy eye bags give a distressed and aged look. It can take toll on one’s self confidence as it can give an angry/sleepy look to face even when you are happy/awake!

Blepharoplasty can give an immediate rejuvenated “You are looking fresh” look . Dr. Chugh with his special training in facial aesthetics at The Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, Australia has mastered the art of Blepharoplasty.

Latest in Blepharoplasty: Plasma Pen

Sometimes people are afraid by the word of surgery for eyelids.

Plasma Pen is a non surgical way to achieve upper lid skin tightening. It can be used in cases of mild laxity of skin to stem early signs of aging.

Being an OPD procedure, you can go back home immediately after procedure.

Real Results

Upper and lower Blepharoplasty

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty – One month postop,58 year old female

Asian Blepharoplasty results

Asian Blepharoplasty, 21/F, 10 days Post OP


An ideal candidate has:

  • Tired looking eyes and drooping eyelids
  • Dark circles under the eyes or puffy bags under the eyes
  • Deep tear troughs
  • Hooding of the eyelids
  • Prominent Crow’s feet

Before starting the procedure, Dr. Chugh will make exact markings to give you the desired look. You will be then given local anaesthetic so that procedure is pain free. Incisions are then made in line with the natural skin creases of your upper eyelid and just beneath the lashes or behind the lower eyelid. The extra skin is then excised, with or without a strip of the underlying muscle along with prominent fat bulges.

Scars are given in a way that they are not visible. For upper eyelids, incision is given in natural crease. Incision for the lower eyelid most of the time is made right through inner side (Transconjuctival) so that scar is hidden or sometimes under the eyelashes, where the eyeliner is put.

All scars are well hidden or camouflaged by special technique that Dr. Chugh uses.

Safety, natural results, quick recovery, and very less downtime are the key benefits.

It’ s an outpatient procedure done usually in 45 mins. You can go home after that.

Recovery period:

Day 1 Mild bruising and swelling. Usually subsides completely by 1- 2 weeks. Apply cold packs every hour for 10-15 minutes as it decreases bruising. Topical eye ointment and eye drops to be applied.

Keep two- three pillows under your head as it helps in reducing swelling.

Day 2 Can resume normal activity. Keep on applying cold compression and eye ointment and eye drops.

Day 3 onwards: Shift to warm compressions to fasten healing. Apply topical eye ointment.

Day 5 Sutures will be removed.

Day 10-14 Most of the swelling and bruising has subsided.

Use Sunglasses to avoid too much sun exposure

Once healing is complete, you can wear your eye make – up and contact lenses.

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedure done globally. If done by a well- trained board certified plastic surgeon results are good and patients are happy. You will look your best at 6-12 months after surgery.

Blepharoplasty is a very safe procedure in trained hands. However if done without proper training and after care. There can be issues like bruising, blood collection, visible scars, blurry vision and dry eyes.

Surgery is the gold standard but in some cases injectables, lasers, microneedling can be offered. Results with these procedures are temporary though.

Persons of oriental descent (North east of India, China, Koreans, Japanese) have eyelids which lack the eyelid fold. It can either be due to non – attachment of eyelid muscle to skin or more fat in upper eyelid.

So it involves creation of double eye fold. It is a simple surgery which requires finesse and Dr. Chugh ensures that results look natural.


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