Breast Fat Transfer Surgery, Breast Enlargement Surgery in Delhi India

Breast fat transfer is a method of enlarging the breasts by transferring fat from another part of your body, often the abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks.

It has dual advantages as it takes away unwanted fat from body and augments the small breasts.

Feel and look is completely natural so sometimes females who don’t want silicone implants prefer Breast Fat Grafting or Breast Fat Transfer.

It is a relatively comfortable procedure for the patient, with minimal recovery time compared to Breast implant surgery.

Breast Augmentation Revised

How is Breast Fat transfer done?

Using special, minimally invasive techniques, fat cells are gently sucked out from your body and processed .

The resulting fat cells are injected into different areas of your breasts to create a fuller, more natural look.

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How much fat can be transferred into breasts?

The amount of fat that can be transferred into the breasts depends on a variety of factors

1. Body type
2. Breast pocket size
3. Torso proportions
4. Availability of fat in areas to be liposuctioned.

Typically, we can safely transfer up to 300-400cc into the breasts.

This amount can vary from patient to patient based on their individual anatomy, needs, and goals.

How much fat will remain after Breast Fat transfer?

In general, I would typically expect 60-70% of the fat to remain in the breasts long-term which with subsequent procedures can help in getting more long term results .

Women seeking more significant volume increases may require multiple fat grafting sessions to achieve the optimal result.

How will my breasts look after breast fat transfer surgery?

Well we offer exclusive 3D/ 4D consultation to our patients who are considering breast augmentation with fat or implants.

Breast restoration after Breast Cancer: Fat transfer

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Real Patient Results

Breast Fat Transfer
Breast Fat Transfer- Augmentation
Breast Fat Transfer- Augmentation


  • Fat resorption,
  • assymetry,
  • lumpiness,
  • cystic swellings,
  • pigmentation,
  • rash,
  • skin sensitivity,
  • skin irregularities can be some of the associated complications.


    Fat grafting or fat transfer can be used to treat a deformity, scars, help in healing.

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