Mesotherapy is a technique in which micro nutrients are injected into the scalp to stop hair loss and for thin hair.

Mesotherapy name is from the term mesoderm which is the middle layer of scalp and is the store house of growth factors.



PRP uses factors which are present in patient’s own blood which after processing is injected into the scalp.

Mesotherapy involves readymade cocktail of vial which is rich in growth factors and is injected directly into the scalp. Thus it bypasses the steps of blood collection and processing.

There have not been any conclusive study regarding which technique is better. Both therapy can attain desired results.

While PRP sessions are spaced two months apart and continue at least for a year. Generally weekly sessions of Mesotherapy are recommended for four months.

Work                     – Can resume desk job. Avoid heavy work on day of PRP

Exercise               – Avoid any kind of exercise after PRP for a day

Hair Bath             – Take hair bath the next day as you normally do preferably with luke warm water.

Sleep                    – Keep two pillows underneath your head for first day

Medications      – Generally no medications are prescribed as it is minimally invasive and pain less procedure


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