Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in India for International Patient Services

A Holistic Approach in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in India

India is well known for its hospitality. Medical tourism is at the center of it as Indian Health care industry provide one of the most cost- effective services coupled with world class stay. Delhi and Gurugram being hub of medical tourism in India.

For convenience of our patients and seamless journey we provide end to end services that include travel, stay and treatment plans.

Delhi International Airport which has consistently been rated amongst the busiest airport is located in the heart of Gurugram. Dr. Anmol Chugh is one of the top- rated board certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon from India, offering both surgical and non-surgical treatments right in the medical tourism capital of India, Gurugram.

To make your medical journey smooth and safe our international health desk offers customized and exclusive help tailored according to your budget and convenience.

Why us?

  • Renowned & Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anmol Chugh
  • Holistic Approach Towards Treatment
  • Use of Latest Technologies
  • World-Class Quality of Services

International Patient : Happy Experience

Patient from Canada for Gynecomastia Surgery : Man Chest Reduction Surgery India

Happy Patient from USA : Transforming Post Pregnancy Tummy tuck with 360 degree Liposuction Surgery

Patient from London for Breast Reduction Surgery

Happy Patient from Canada : Gynecomastia Treatment (Male Breast Surgery)


Sending queries

Please send email queries along with photographs to plasticsurgeonanmol@gmail.com. Dr.Anmol Chugh, our chief consultant Cosmetic surgeon answers all queries personally and advises on the most suitable plan for treatment. A preliminary estimate of the cost will be worked out.

The Post treatment course will be told to you and how many days we feel you should stay in Gurugram will be decided at this time.

Once a treatment plan is made, we will ask you to send your medical history, including the past treatments, operations, allergies and medications.

If possible, we would like you to do pre operative fitness investigations especially COVID-19 RTPCR to ensure that we do not face any cancellations due to your prior health issues.

You can also take an appointment by calling below number

Our Response

Our outstation patients can get all their queries solved, before coming to the clinic through online consultation or a conference call. Send us a Whatsapp message if you wish to have a concall consultation with Dr. Anmol Chugh.

We try to respond to all e-queries within 48 hours. Depending upon the nature of the query, the response includes the treatment Plan, advice on the Medical Procedures to be undergone here at our centre in Gurugram and the Quote for the same.

Travel Arrangements

We formulate your travel plans in such a fashion that it ensures patient’s shortest possible stay in India. Considering the present scenario of travel restrictions due to Covid 19 pandemic, it is advisable to be flexible in travel plans.

We provide detailed information and full assistance in arrangements of:

  1. Visa and Passport formalities
  2. International Flight Bookings
  3. Accommodation
  4. Currency Conversion

a) Visa Process

It is strongly recommended that Patients from abroad, come on a medical tourist visa, to avoid hassles with the immigration authorities. We can send you an invitation letter to help you get the medical tourist visa easily.

The list of Indian embassies and consulates all over the world can be found on the following link:



b) International Flight Bookings

It is recommended to fly in to Delhi International Airport. The travelling time from Airport to our clinic in Gurugram is 25 minutes.

We can suggest few websites which sale discounted air tickets to India.


c) Accommodation

We can help arrange patient’s accommodation in a hotel or in luxurious guest rooms as per your budget. Feel free to contact us for same.

d) Currency Conversion

We recommend that you get dollars or pounds or traveller cheques and some cash with you. Please get it converted to Rupees at the airport. This will help you pay off taxi or vendors for small restaurants or food stalls. Rest of the payments at our centre in Gurugram can be done either in cash or Card. However, wire transfer well in time is preferred.

Quality services and more

We ensure our patients and their care-givers avail top of the line services related to medical care and hospitality. Our services include:

Travel and Hospitality

  • Travel, visa assistance and airport transfers
  • Hotels and Lodging Arrangements
  • Special services for tourism and entertainment
  • Choice of international cuisine

Patient Services

  • Language interpretation services
  • Same day appointments & express check-in
  • SIM cards/Telephone number
  • Acceptance of all major cards for payment


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