Otoplasty or Cosmetic Ear Surgery


Prominent/Protruding ears can lead to teasing about the appearance of ears which can affect the self-confidence of an individual.

Otoplasty helps in correcting the deformity by setting back the ear that improves appearance without any visible scar. The results are natural and patients don’t need to hide their ears anymore under hoodie, cap or long hair.


Real Patient Results

Facial Harmonisation

28 year old male, 2 weeks post, Chin implant, left otoplasty


It is a suitable procedure for children > 8 years of age and adults who are self-conscious about their ear size, shape and position. It can help restore self confidence in patients who have prominent/asymmetrical ears.

It involves setting back the prominent ear so that it sits closer to the head. An incision is given behind the ear through which special internal stitches are placed behind the ear that sets the ear. A bandage is placed over the dressing over the ears.

After otoplasty you can go home as it is done under local anaesthesia or short general anaesthesia.

Pain                       – Minimal, well tolerated with analgesics.

Bandage              – Removed after three days

Stitches                – Removed after one week

Swelling               – Subsides in 3-4 weeks

Exercise               – Avoid heavy exercise for 3 weeks

Normal activities can be resumed after one week.

Results can be appreciated immediately but it takes 6-8 weeks to get complete results as swelling subsides.

It is a very safe procedure but few complications like bleeding, hematoma, infection, asymmetry, recurrence etc. can occur.

It is a quick surgery with long lasting results. Being done under localanaesthesia, it is quick and safe. The results give a major boost toone’s self-confidence.


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