Mole Removal

It is said that Mole is a sign of beauty but sometimes when it’s too big or on nose/forehead it can look bad.

Mole can be easily removed through a small procedure and there are various options to remove it without leaving any scar!

Why should I get my Mole removed?

Mole or Melanocytic nevus is due to extra collection of melanin pigment at a spot. Normally melanocytes are the cells which secrete Melanin that is responsible for normal pigmentation of our body.

Mole is formed when melanocytes secrete extra melanin therefore giving it dark black/brown colour.

There can be two reasons to remove a Mole.

  1. Cosmetic: If it’s large, hairy or Cosmetically unappealing it can be removed.
  2. Cancer: Although there is less than1% chance of mole turning into Melanoma in dark skinned population. It is important to check for any signs regularly.

How can I know whether Mole is not cancerous?

A simple rule of ABCD can tell you a lot about the Mole.


A : Assymetry of Mole. If the pre-existing mole has become assymetric or if there is any recent change in shape.

B : Border can be raised or irregular in case of melanoma/skin cancer.

C: Colour of Mole if it has changed or you can identify 2 or 3 more shades in an earlier normal looking mole.

D: Diameter. If there is any recent or rapid increase in diameter of mole then it can help in early diagnosis.

Is there any test to whether the Mole is cancerous?

ABCD can help in early detection and you should see your doctor which will ask your complete History and do proper physical examination.

UV rays or Sun exposure is directly linked to skin cancer but there are multiple factors which a doctor can ask in clinical history.

Biopsy is the proven method to diagnose clinical nature pf Mole/ Melanocytic Nevi.

How is biopsy of Mole done?

Biopsy can be done in 3 different ways:

  • Shave Biopsy: A razor blade is used to shave it off and mole is sent for histopathology.
  • Punch Biopsy: A small tool is used to punch out the mole.
  • Excision biopsy: Mole is excised or cut with blade and the site is closed with stitches to heal.

Gold standard is Excision biopsy as it accurately tells you about character and depth of Mole and whether it’s cancerous or not.

How is Excision biopsy done?

Excision biopsy is a highly specialized procedure as it is important to remove the right extent of  mole along with giving a cosmetically pleasing scar that hides well and is not visible with time.

An elliptical incision is marked around the mole in the direction of skin lines to make the scar imperceptible. Fine stitches are used which are removed in 5-6 days.

Are there some other alternatives?

Not every mole needs to be excised. After thorough clinical examination, plastic surgeon suggests all the options. Some of the other non-surgical options are Laser treatment and Plasma Pen which is gaining popularity nowadays.

What is Plasma pen?

Plasma Pen is the latest technology that converts Plasma energy into electrical energy. It is a handheld device that is used to cause micro burns on mole under high magnification so that surrounding tissue is protected.

A scab is formed after 4-5 days which is shed off.

What are the complications of different procedures?

Though Mole excision is simple and straightforward procedure. There can be complications if done by untrained person.

Scar, Stitch line infection, Hematoma, Normal tissue burn, Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation are some of the complications that can occur.


    Can mole be cancerous?


    A numbing cream or an injection is given before the procedure so that it’s painless. After the procedure also, patient don’t even feel the need of taking analgesics.

    There might be swelling in initial 2-3 days which subsides completely in a week. In case of excision, stitches are removed on 5th or 6th day. Laser or Plasma Pen might require 2-3 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart as it depends on the depth of mole.

    Scar are well hidden under natural creases and it heals well over time. You are prescribed Scar treatment Protocol after stitches are removed. In case of laser and Plasma pen generally there is no visible scar.

    You will be prescribed some medicines along with sunscreen SPF greater than 50. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serum are also given. Initial 4-6 weeks you should do minimal sun exposure.

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