Facial Fat Grafting (FReSH Face)

“Our eyes feed the information to our brain by scanning rapidly across the face…usually starting with the mouth, then moving up to the eyes.”

Dr. Bryan Mendelson


Face is the most observed part of the human body and the hallmark of one’s identity. Every person wants to look beautiful in a way which is refreshing and natural without any signs of surgery.

Dr. Anmol Chugh with his FreSH Face approach helps a person not just for vanity, but also to bring about a change in his/her psyche and personality.

Fresh Face


FReSH stands for Fat Rebalancing with Stem and Hematopoetic cells. It involves using patient’s own body fat and blood factors in a way, such that they ‘Refresh’ the face.

You are the right candidate for this approach if you have

  1. Signs of ageing – Sunken cheeks, hollow-looking eyes, plump thin lips and deep nasolabialfolds.
  2. Facial Scars – due to acne, trauma or other causes
  3. Dull skin

Natural facial rejuvenation

Stem cell approach

Long Lasting results

No synthetic material inserted

Fast recovery

Minimal pain


Dr. Anmol Chugh with Dr. Bryan Mendelson

Learning all about Facial Surgeries from the best in business, Dr. Bryan Mendelson

Dr. Anmol Chugh is a certified facial plastic surgeon based in Delhi and Gurgaon. With his unique FReSHFace approach he has helped many patients to achieve natural and rejuvenating look.


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