Gynaecomastia or Gyno is a very common problem amongst young males. They are embarrassed to do outdoor activities and are always low on self-confidence.

Dr. Anmol Chugh specializes in Gynaecomastia surgery. His international training has helped his patients in getting great results. He does a special technique which does not leave any scar in the front and hence no tell- tale signs of surgery.

So be ready to take off the shirt and show that chiseled chest!!



Gynaecomastia or male breasts reduction surgery is a procedure to sculpt male chest. Gynaecomastia is a condition in which there is development of female like breast in males because of hormonal changes. Male develops both gland and fat around chest which has to be removed by excision of gland and liposuction.

Dr. Chugh’s unique approach involves two small incisions on lateral side of chest avoiding any scars in front of the chest. Use of new technologies like VASER allows to avoid that scar in front of chest and also better redraping of skin once gland and fat are removed.

VASER is a technology which uses ultrasonic waves to liquefy the fat, therefore enabling its easy removal. It helps in faster recovery as there is less bruising, less swelling and less pain after the surgery. Also due to its heating effect it remodels collagen which helps in better skin retraction.

A suitable candidate is of good health, is conscious of self -image, embarrassed to take shirt out in public for swimming etc. and has realistic expectations. It can range from just having puffy nipples to enlarged chest gland and fat.

Depending on the grades of gynaecomastia, the procedure can be performed under general or local anaesthesia. If it is puffy nipples, the surgery can be done in local anaesthesia and you can go home after an hour or two of observation, but larger grades of gynaecomastia should be done under General anaesthesia to ensure patient safety and also results. It generally takes 1-2 hours and you can return home by evening.

The method we use ensures that there are no tell- tale signs of surgery as incisions are not placed in front of chest and are less than 0.5 mm. Although in some cases like bodybuilders, history of steroid intake there might be an additional incision in the areola to take gland out. It is placed at the junction of nipple and areola so they heal well.

Numbing solution is given through those small incisions which takes care of pain. Also depending on your pain threshold analgesics are prescribed after the procedure.

Gynaecomastia involves removal of gland and fat through liposuction. Getting it done by a board certified plastic surgeon ensures safety and results.

Diet, exercise, medications and injections have no effect on gynaecomastia and surgery is the gold standard.

Blood tests, photographs, markings, things and medications to take will be discussed. A compression garment measurement will be taken which is to be worn after the surgery.

A tight strapped elastic tape will be applied on the chest area which will be removed in the evening and you will be wearing a compression garment.

It is an elastic garment which is customized and provides support to the skin so that it re drapes well. It also helps in reducing swelling and minimizing bruising so that skin evens out and settles well.

It is advisable to wear it for 6 weeks. You can remove it to shower and can wear it under your normal garments.

Usually you feel some discomfort but depending on your pain threshold analgesics will be prescribed. There may be feeling of stiffness when moving about but mostly it subsides after a few days.

There will be bruising and swelling after the surgery which usually starts subsiding by 1 week and by 4-6 weeks the sculpted chest after gynaecomastia surgery can be appreciated.

Immediately after the surgery, you will get good idea of shape of the chest which have been liposculpted. By the end of one month as the swelling subsides, skin sets out but you should wait for 2-3 months to fully appreciate the results.

The effects of surgery are permanent as gland and the fat cells are removed from the particular areas and the remaining fat cells do not multiply to take their place. It is advisable to follow a good and active lifestyle so that you can maintain the results.

Gynaecomastia surgery is one of the most safe procedure if done by a board certified plastic surgeon . Like with any procedure there are few complications. If skin tone is not good there can be laxity of skin. Hematoma, scarring, infections, bruising, asymmetry, contour abnormality, DVT can be some of the complications.

Usually after a rest of two days, you can join work. You will be required to wear compression garment.

You can start with light exercise after one week then as healing process progresses you can resume heavy exercise after 6 weeks.

After the surgery, you will be discharged by evening and will be called a day after surgery for follow up. Stitches are generally removed after one week.


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