Dimple Creation

Dimples are the hallmark of one’s smile that leaves an impression on others. Be it Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt or international celebrities – “Dimples are desirable”.

Dimples are a normal defect in muscles of cheek that accentuates when a person smiles. Although it is present by birth but Dimple creation surgery can help you in achieving your dream dimples.

Dimple Creation


Dimple creation is a OPD procedure which is minimally invasive . It is done to create natural looking dimples on cheek. It is done under local anaesthesia and takes around 45 minutes. In your consultation Dr. Chugh will assess your face in detail and discuss with you the site of your dimples in detail.

Dimple surgery involves giving local anesthesia to numb cheeks and then from inside your mouth a tiny incision is given. Small amount of fat and muscle is excised and dissolvable suture is place to secure your dimples.

You can go home after the procedure. There might be swelling and mild pain for initial 3-4 days which subsides. You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain killers.

There might be initial restriction of facial movements for the first couple of days and suitable diet will be prescribed by Dr. Chugh. Post surgery, initially the dimple is visible at all times with/without smile and gradually it becomes more natural and apparent while smiling only.

The complete results can be seen around two months as facial muscles and new formed dimples action starts corresponding.


    Make Dimple in just 30 Minutes - By Dr. Anmol Chugh

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