Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

Rhinoplasty/Nose surgery is a surgery to reshape/repair or reconstruct the nose. In people who are unhappy with the shape or size of their nose, rhinoplasty can help improve their appearance and self-esteem.

It is also known as Nose Job and creates a functional and aesthetic nose which is customized according to the individual. It can make your nose proportionate by reducing a prominent hump, narrow a wide tip, straighten a crooked bridge and correct nasal septal deviations.

Dr. Anmol Chugh renowned Rhinoplasty surgeon in Gurgaon Haryana India, not only providing safe and aesthetic look but also gives you the best results.


You are the right candidate for nose job if you have:

  • Prominent hump over nose
  • Wide nose tip
  • Breathing issues
  • Long nose/Short nose
  • Age > 16 years
  • Realistic expectations

Rhinoplasty requires great precision. It is done under general or local anaesthesia with sedation and takes at least two hours. Two basic techniques that are used are Open Rhinoplasty and ClosedRhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty : A small incision is made under the nose (Columella) which is continuous with incision within the rim of nostrils. It allows surgeon to see the structures inside the nose entirely.

Closed Rhinoplasty : Incisions are made within the nose to elevate the skin from underlying structures.

In some cases where excess cartilage loss is there due to trauma, previous nose surgery or any disease and nose cartilage is not sufficient to reconstruct, the cartilage grafts might be obtained from other organs like ear/rib.

Open rhinoplasty allows surgeon full vision of nasal structure and thus more accurate correction of underlying deformities, while Closed rhinoplasty allows less access and therefore, is recommended if minimal changes are required in nose.

An open rhinoplasty can accurately correct nose with hump, misshaped tip, wide nose, septum correction along with osteotomies and cartilage grafts.

You will have a nasal pack for 2 days and nasal splint for a week after rhinoplasty.

Day 1: After the surgery, you will be discharged in the evening. It is important that someone is there to drive you and take care at least for first 24 hours.

Swelling & Bruising will be there after surgery around the nose and eye regions and your nose might feel heavy because of that. It might increase for initial 2-3 days but subsides over one week. It is recommended that you put 2-3 pillows under your head and do cold compressions around your nose and eye area.

Pain is not observed in most patients. Usually discomfort is observed which resolves in few days.

Work resumption: It takes weeks before swelling goes down substantially but you can resume desk job or participate in social activities after 2 weeks.  Heavy activities like Jogging, gym, swimming should be avoided for 4 weeks. Sun exposure, nose rubbing or trauma should be avoided for at least 8 weeks after Rhinoplasty.

Dressings: There might be soakage of the nose pack even after you go home and a red tinged fluid might come out from nostrils. You will be provided with an extra pack to change.  Nasal pack/gauze put after rhinoplasty will make it difficult to breathe from nose and breathing is then through mouth. It is removed from both nostril after two days. You will be asked to do steam inhalation also. This will help in improving breathing. You should not scrape off any discharge/thick mucus.

Stitches:Stitches and Splints are both removed on Day 7th after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty recovery depends on multiple factors and the amount of swelling depends on the extensiveness of surgical changes needed and patient factors. A rough rule of thumb can be:

After 3 weeks                    : 30% reduction in swelling

After 3 – 6 months          : 60% reduction in swelling

After 9 months                 : 90% reduction in swelling

After 1 year                        : Final results will be seen

The results achieved after Rhinoplasty are permanent apart from what comes with age or if there is any trauma.

you can wear contact lens, but if you are not comfortable wearing them, wear a light pair of glasses with the frame taped to your forehead.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is the procedure in which injectable fillers are used to correct nose deformities. It is an OPD procedure with no down time. It can be used for correcting nasal hump, minor asymmetries, small nose and droopy tip.

Results can be seen immediately after getting injectable fillers done. It can lasts upto an year.


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