Lip Lifts Surgery in Gurgaon

Get the rejuvenated lip and turn back the aging clock.

Upper lip with age fall downwards and can be a tell-tale sign of ageing. Also in some patients the distance from nose to pink lip can be very long which can give a disproportionate look.

Lip lift is a procedure which lifts the drooping lip and gives a proportionate smile. It can make a significant difference in restoring facial harmony and help in turning back the ageing clock. Dr. Chugh with his special training in facial aesthetics in Australia has mastered the technique of lip lift.

Latest in Lip Lift: Deep plane Lip Lift

Lip lift results can be temporary if only skin is removed.

The latest technique of Deep plane lip lift tightens up the lip muscle also with nose base.

This ensures that there is minimal scarring and also results are better and permanent.


You are good candidate for procedure if :

Distance between nose base and upper lip is more than 1.8 cm

If your front teeth are not showing on smiling

Lip lift is a clinic-based procedure of less than an hour duration. Markings are carefully made in the upper lip after calculating the distance from nose to upper lip which should be more than 1 cm. The actual markings are made after considering facial proportions. It resembles the appearance of a bull’s horns/ Batman insignia. Local anaesthetic is gently injected to numb the area, and the stitches are placed under the nose. Scar is hidden under the base of nose.

Apart from being helpful in rejuvenating the facial aesthetics with age, it can also help in giving a volume in suitable patients. As the results are permanent, patient doesn’t feel the need of lip fillers whose effect lasts from nine to twelve months. Apart from giving a young look, the Duck look which can be seen with fillers is not there with Lip lift.

It is a procedure done under local anaesthesia in which numbing fluid is used. Effect generally lasts for few hours even after the procedure which alleviates the pain. Analgesics are also prescribed but most of the patients don’t even use it after the procedure.

You can expect to have swelling after the surgery which settles down in 3-4 weeks. Stitches are removed at 1-week and scar care is started at 2-weeks.

An upper lip lift is a very satisfying operation with a high success rate and a low complication rate. It is growing in popularity day by day.

As with any surgical procedure, complications like infection, hematoma, excessive scarring, and excessive skin removal can be there. Lip lift is a relatively safe procedure with satisfactory results in most of the patients.

It is advisable to wait for at least 6 months to schedule two procedures. As the blood supply for nose and lip comes from same region, it can delay healing and thus promote excessive scarring.


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