Female Genital Rejuvenation

Many women experience problems with age and after child birth that affects them but they are shy to discuss about it. The decrease in pleasure and deformed shaped of genitals does affect them.

Female genital rejuvenation is a combination of procedures that helps in bringing back both physical and mental satisfaction. Each procedure is exclusive so that client can be helped while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Female Genital


Female genital rejuvenation procedures are right for you if:

  • Suffering from vaginal laxity
  • Loose vagina after child birth/age
  • Affecting self-confidence
  • Affecting sexual intimacy

Number of procedures are included in this which are tailored to individual’s needs

LABIAPLASTY It is a procedure that corrects the outer and inner lips of vagina (Labia majora and minora) which become loose and saggy with time. It involves restoring the youthful status of genitals by augmenting the outer lip with fat grafting, reducing the size of inner lip and if required reducing the size of clitoris.

VAGINOPLASTY It is a procedure that addresses the loose vagina by bringing the separated muscles together and giving aesthetic appearance of vagina.

The procedures are painless as they are done under local or general anaesthesia and are completed in 1 to 2 hours.

Recovery depends on the extent of procedure. You will be discharged by evening on oral antibiotics and analgesics with sanitary pad on. While going to the toilet ensure that the area is cleaned with clean water. Spotting of blood like material is not to be worried about. To ease the discomfort after procedure, keep some pillows under your pelvic region and do cold compressions as it helps in decreasing swelling.  Swelling usually subsides over weeks. All stitches are dissolvable.

That depends on the procedure done. Generally expect a week down time to resume job. It is advisable to avoid heavy work for 3- 4 weeks.

Results of Labiaplasty can be appreciated immediately and improve over weeks. The results are long lasting and satisfaction levels are high.

It is advisableto be active sexually after 6-8 weeks.

There is lot of mis-information that is being distributed on internet that Kegel / Pelvic exercises can tighten the loose vagina after child birth. It is important to understand that during childbirth especially after having multiple babies the perineal muscles / vaginal muscles are stretched apart. They cannot be brought together with just exercises as they lose their elasticity.

Kegel exercises can be done after female genital rejuvenation surgeries as it helps in maintaining results.


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