Who does not like to pull chubby cheeks of a kid! One word that pops out when you see a kid with heavy cheeks is Cute but as we grow that Awe factor might not be desirable. A young woman is more desirous of sleek cheeks which highlights her cheek bones along with contoured jawline.

The Kareena Fad is one such fad that has leave many young women to have chiseled cheeks. But that’s a God gift. Right?

kareena kapoor

Well, Cosmetic surgery is a diverse branch where our aim is always to give you refreshed look which are natural. Buccal fat pad removal is the latest craze amongst many young females who want to look like Kareena Kapoor Khan. It is one of the most well kept secrets of celebrities all around the world.

Buccal fat pad is a procedure in which extra fat is taken out through your cheeks with small incisions given inside mouth. It is done under local anaesthesia and whole procedure is complete within one hour.

Results are usually appreciable by 6 weeks. Safety and Satisfaction are pretty high and therefore it is immensely popular procedure now a days.

Well defined and natural looking cheek bones is the end result.

But important question is it for everyone?

A proper facial assessment is very important and a certified plastic surgeon always has an eye for proportions. Also when we plan to do a buccalfatremovalof a client we ensure that the body weight is stable and excess is not taken out as it is important to have some fat as you age.

Whether Kareena Kapoor had or had not buccal fat pad removal is debatable but the important message is that if the client is motivated and wants to boost self -esteem then this procedure can definitely give that well defined and natural looking cheek bones that you have always desired!!

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