Case Study : Bilateral Axillary Fat removal of 39 years old Women

A 39 year old presented to us with a problem which she has been suffering from years that is heavy armpits.

The Conditions

For last few years, she was bothered as the fat underneath the armpit breast not only led to feeling conscious in wearing sleeveless clothes but also suffered from bad odour and recurrent infections.

The condition that she has been suffering from axillary or accessory breasts.

Axillary breast tissue includes any combination of fat, nipple, areolae, and glandular breast tissue alongside developed breasts on the chest. This tissue is situated along the milk line that starts from armpit and goes till nipple region.

The go to treatment for this problem remains Liposuction along with skin removal if the loose skin is there.

No diet and exercise works in this case as with this female who had tried everything ranging from taking alternative medications, diet etc.

Surgery Performed

She underwent removal of gland, extra skin along with liposuction with minimal scarring confined to armpit and not visible.



Results a confident women with all the happiness in the world.

Bilateral Axillary Fat removal-39 year old female

39 year old female 1 month post op


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