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    What is The Difference Between a Fat Transfer to The Hips Vs. Hip Implants?

    “Hip Attractiveness: The Allure of Radiant Curves”   The concept of “hips attractiveness” is so subjective, culturally loaded, and deeply personal that it defies accurate description.   Hip beauty is a goal for many women because of this. Reasons for Hip Augmentation: Enhanced Curvature: Some individuals seek hip augmentation to achieve a curvier silhouette and […]

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  • Can liposuction cause death?

    Can liposuction cause death?

    Liposuction has been in news quite some time because of not so good reasons. Can liposuction lead to death remains a question in mind of patients before undergoing an elective cosmetic surgery foe body contouring. Liposuction can be done in different areas. 1. Liposuction for Belly fat 2. Liposuction for Double Chin 3. Liposuction for […]

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  • Fat Grafting or Fat transfer : Is it for me?

    Fat Grafting or Fat transfer : Is it for me?

    All of us at some points of time have wondered that why can’t my extra fat be put somewhere else. Maybe to face, buttock or breast. But does it happen in real life? The answer is yes! Fat transfer or fat grafting is the procedure to transfer the fat from one part of the body […]

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  • Fat Grafting Vs Fillers The best option for your face

    Fat Grafting V/s Fillers: The best option for your face?

    Aging is an inevitable phenomenon but modern facial rejuvenation treatment has allowed reversing the aging clock. While multiple options are ranging from non-surgical to surgical treatments, fillers and fat grafting remain a popular option. But which is better fat or fillers? Let’s find out. Facial Fat Transfer It is a procedure to transfer fat from […]

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