• Types of Facelifts – Choose the Right Face Lift for You

    Types of Facelift – Choose the Right Face Lift for You

    As time goes by, the face undergoes natural transformations in its appearance and structure. The skin may experience a decrease in elasticity, making it less prone to snapping back quickly. Age-related changes can be effectively addressed with a face-lift or Rhytidectomy. The cheeks may appear to be sagging. Loose skin around the lower jawline Prominent […]

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    What is the significance of the Jawline treatment in 2024?

    The jawline is of great importance to the appearance of the face as a whole, and can make it look even more beautiful. The characteristic features of a well-shaped jawline are thick, sharp contour and clearly defined bone structure. It’s often associated with youth, beauty, and facial symmetry. Genetic, bone structure, muscle development, weight and […]

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    How to prepare for Facial Feminisation Surgery?

    Gender dysphoria involves multimodal approach. It includes Psychotherapy, hormone therapy and Surgery. It is important to involve endocrinologist, psychiatrist and other relevant specialties besides plastic surgery. Gender affirming surgery encompasses gamut of surgeries. Feminisation Surgery: Face: Facial feminisation, Thyroid cartilage reduction, Hairline modification, Voice modification Chest: Breast augmentation using fat or implants Genitalia: Replacement of […]

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    Case Studies – Facial plastic surgery – Before and After

    Chief Complaint The patient is a bright young female who presented in her mid-20’s. Her main desire was to reduce the lower lip swelling which was present since birth. There was no difficulty in mouth opening. Assessment The patient had a lower lip swelling which was 4×3 cm and involving the outer and inner side […]

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