Buccal Fat Removal (Cheek Reduction) Surgery in Gurgaon India

CHUBBY Cheeks are the most adorable feature in a baby but in adults, too much cheek fat can make the face look big and round.

Buccal fat reduction surgery involves removal of the extra fat pad from the cheeks, so that proportions of the face are balanced and symmetry is maintained. A fad amongst celebrities globally, this procedure can give CHISELED CHEEKS in the right candidate.

Buccal fat Removal

Real Patients

Facial Slimming Surgery Results in Female
22 year old male with small chin (microgenia) wanted sharper jawline.
Buccal Fat Removal
Buccal Fat Removal for Female
Chin Implant Male Patient Side view
Chin Implant Front View
Buccal fat Removal

Happy Patient : Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Latest in Buccal fat removal: Processed Fat

The fat extracted from buccal fat pad removal can be processed into small fat particles.

Microfat thus obtained can be used for minor scars, nasal tip refinements, under eye dark circles, facial rejuvenation treatment in same sitting as buccal fat pad removal.


This procedure is suitable for you if :

You have chubby cheeks not proportionate to face

Want prominent cheek bones

Want a slimmer face

The surgical procedure starts with giving local or general anaesthesia according to the patient’s wish. Small incision is then made on the inside of cheeks. With very fine surgical instruments the extra layer of fat pad is then excised. After that dissolvable stitches are put and you can go home by yourself!

It is an OPD procedure which is completed in 30 minutes. You can compare it with visiting a clinic for your dental problem and returning home after some time.

Buccal fat pad removal is done under local anaesthesia so that there is no pain.

Medicines- Prescribed antibiotics for 5 days

Diet – Soft diet for 5 days. Mainly liquids and semi solids.

Smoking/Drinking – To be avoided for one month

Yes, swelling usually subsides by one week. It is similar to having a wisdom tooth removal so no one notices anything unusual. Also the incision is given inside the cheek, therefore no visible signs.

You can resume work after 2-3 days.

Results are long lasting if you maintain a good diet and health regime.

Buccal fat pad removal can be combined with procedures like Rhinoplasty, cheek fillers and neck liposuction.


    Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery in Gurgaon

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