Chin Augmentation (Implant) Surgery in Gurgaon


Face is divided into three parts with chin being in lower 1/3rd. For facial harmony and aesthetics it is important that all three parts are proportionate. But sometimes a small chin/weak chin can disrupt that harmony.

Retruded chin or less defined jawline can be a cause of concern for both men and women. This harmony can be restored by chin augmentation.

It is procedure that helps in defining the lower third of face and contours it to rest of the face that can add significant boost to self- esteem and a high satisfaction rate.

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Latest in Chin Augmentation: Scarless Chin Implant surgery

Chin implants come in various customised shape and sizes.

Scarless insertion can be ensured by putting an implant from inside of lower lip along with that use of titanium screws ensure that they remain in place and results remain consistent over the years.

What is short chin and what are the treatment options to fix short chin?

छोटी ठुड्डी (Short Chin) क्या होता है और Short Chin को ठीक करने के क्या उपाय हैं?

Short Chin के इलाज के लिए हम इसे पहले तीन ग्रेड में विभाजित करते हैं।

✅ ग्रेड 1 – Mild
✅ ग्रेड 2 – Moderate
✅ ग्रेड 3 – Severe

✅ ग्रेड 1 – Mild में पहला उपाय है की हम फिलर्स (Injectable fillers) उपयोग करते है जो की एक से ड़ेढ साल तक चलती है, दूसरा उपाय है fat fillers करके, यदि आपको minor changes चाहिए।

✅ ग्रेड 2 – Moderate उस समय करतें हैं जब आपको major changes चाहिए , इसमें हम chin implant करतें हैं। जो की silicon chin implant होते हैं, जो की विभिन्न आकार के होते हैं, पुरुषों और महिलाओं के लिए अलग होता है। ये प्रोसीजर 45min से 1hour तक का होता है।

✅ ग्रेड 3 – Severe – इसमें हम genioplasty प्रोसीजर करते हैं। इस प्रोसीजर में हम आपके जॉलाइन (जबड़ा) में changes करते हैं यदि आपको ज्यादा movement चाहिए हो।

Happy Patient Experience

Real Patient Results

Chin Implant side view

Chin Implant Side View

Chin Implant Front View

Chin Implant Front View

Chin Implant Male Patient Side view

Chin Implant Front View

22 year old male with small chin (microgenia) wanted sharper jawline.

Chin Implant : 22 year old male with small chin (microgenia) wanted sharper jawline.

38 year old male, Chin fillers, immediate post op

38 year old male, Chin fillers, immediate post op

chin implant surgery results

39 year old female, immediate post surgery

Facial Harmonisation

28 year old male, 2 weeks post, Chin implant, left otoplasty


You are the right candidate if you: Have a short chin

Are a healthy male or female

Have a long nose or a bulky neck

A simple test is to place finger straight down from your lips. Chin should almost touch your finger. If it is short then having a chin implant will add projection to the chin and balance facial features.

Depending on your facial assessment by Dr. Anmol Chugh, the best option suited for you will be selected.

Fillers (Fat grafting & Dermal fillers) – Fat/ Filler is put under the chin to give you a projected look.

Genioplasty – A complex procedure that involves forward movement of jaw bone.

Chin implants – An implant is placed through a small incision under your chin or inside your mouth.

Chin implant surgery is done under general anaesthesia. A small incision is giving either under chin or inside the mouth where gum and lower lip meet so the scar is hidden. Dr. Chugh prefers the hidden incision inside mouth as it avoids any tell- tale sign of surgery. A pocket of adequate size is created and implant is put after ensuring customization according to individual’s chin. After securing implant, incision is sutured and a bandage is put on chin which remains in place for two to three days. Surgery usually takes one to three hours.

Chin implants give good definition to your jawline and it’s safe. Some swelling and bruising subsides by around 4-6 weeks. Implants are tailored according to requirement of an individual face.

Simple procedure
Improves the profile view of a face
Implant can be removed if you don’t like it
No visible scar on the face

Patients after surgery will have swelling and discomfort that usually subsides in four or five days. Antibiotics and analgesics are usually prescribed for 5 days along with oral mouth wash for hygiene.

For first few days after surgery, a diet of oral liquids, soft foods is advised. You can resume your normal activity after one week and heavy/ strenuous work after 3- 4 weeks to ensure complete recovery. Most of the swelling is gone by the end of 6 weeks and complete results being appreciable after 3 months.

Dr. Chugh does complete facial assessment so that face symmetry is maintained. Sometimes to give good results especially in case of heavy neck it can be combined with neck liposuction or a Rhinoplasty/ nose job.


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