Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Technology

Latest technology with advanced aesthetic surgery techniques ensures long lasting and natural results. We strive to offer the latest advances to our patients that are consistent with global standard.

In our commitment towards transparency and excellence in patient care, here is the list of technologies, implants and other important materials that we use.

Techniques and Technology for Different Procedures

Breast Implants

B-LITE Breast Implants

Chin, Nasal, Malar Implants


Botox & Fillers

Surgical Headlight System

Breast Implant Funnel

Surgical Screws

Compression Garments

Infiltration System

Surgical Loupe

Tissue Expanders

3D/4D technologies

Suction System

Medela Suction System

Latest technologies in Plastic Surgery

 Part-1 Body Contouring

Part-2 – Breast Implant surgery

Part 3: Non- surgical treatments


Along with surgical aspect, we take utmost care of anesthesia and patient care facilities as well because all the surgeries are performed in an accredited Hospital/Centre equipped with comprehensive services.

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