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Wabi Sabi & Cosmetic Surgery

Wabi Sabi & Cosmetic Surgery

Wabi-sabi, a traditional Japanese aesthetic, values the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and subtlety.

Wabi – Sabi can potentially influence the approach to beauty and aging.

1. *Embracing imperfections*: Wabi-sabi encourages acceptance of natural imperfections, which could lead to a shift in focus from trying to achieve an unattainable, flawless beauty standard. Instead, individuals might prioritize enhancing their unique features and keeping it subtle & natural.

2. *Subtlety and restraint*: Wabi-sabi values subtlety and restraint. In cosmetic surgery, this could translate to a more nuanced approach, prioritizing minimal, natural-looking enhancements over dramatic over the top transformations.

3. *Holistic approach*: Wabi-sabi considers the beauty of an object or person in its entirety.

Similarly, in cosmetic surgery we adopt a more holistic approach, addressing overall well-being and self-care in conjunction with physical enhancements. Longevity encapsulates aesthetics.

How do Plastic Surgeons Focus while doing surgery?

Dr Anmol Chugh in OT

Plastic surgeons, like all surgeons, employ various techniques to maintain focus and concentration during surgery. Here are some of the ways I stay focused:


  1. *Pre-operative preparation*:


Before surgery, the planning is the most essential part which includes patient records, medical history and discussions in detail about procedure with patient.


  1. *Mental preparation*:


I personally envision a plan for the patient multiple times refining the surgical steps in my time while thinking I am operating that patient.


  1. *Checklists and protocols*:

To ensure consistency and accuracy, we adhere to protocols.


  1. *Teamwork*:


I work with a skilled surgical team, including anesthesiologists, nurses, and assistants, to share responsibilities and maintain a focused environment.


  1. *Concentration techniques*:


I use techniques like focusing on the instrument that I am holding and taking a deep breath to be completely Present in Now.


  1. *Muscle memory*:


Repetitive training and experience help build muscle memory, allowing us to perform complex procedures with greater ease and focus.


  1. *Minimizing distractions*:


The operating room environment is designed to minimize distractions, with strict control over noise, lighting, and interruptions.


  1. *Staying hydrated and energized*:


We are well-rested, hydrated, and energized before and during surgery to maintain their focus.


  1. *Mental breaks*:

During long procedures, I take brief mental breaks to recharge and refocus.


  1. *Continuous training and education*:

I stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, research, and best practices to maintain expertise and confidence.


By employing these strategies, I can maintain the intense focus required for successful surgical outcomes.

Why do Doctors attended Conferences?

Last week I was in Canada yes saat samundar paar to attend a 3 day aesthetic surgery conference!

Well why this much effort to travel?

1. Learning – It never stops when you are dealing with human beings. As plastic surgeons we always try to focus on giving better results while ensuring safety.

2. Networking- It’s a good way to connect with your colleagues and exchange ideas. Not only it promotes camaraderie but a sense of purpose to give our patients the best while avoiding potential conflicts as competitors.

3. Cutting-edge technologies- Our focus is also on what is new in market which helps our patients to achieve their results faster and in a safer way.

4. New Ideas – Personally it is an off time for me to focus solely on my purpose that is to transform lives and formulate new ideas with defined goals and outcomes.

5. Prevents Burnout- We are usually travelling with our friends and family and this provides much needed break from normal routine and helps in coming back rejuvenated.

Are you spending more on your car than your well being?

Luxury is often related to buying an expensive car.

It’s your favourite dream car that gives you another level of high but are we spending enough on our well being.

Well being in general includes both physical and mental health.

Ask these questions to yourself

1. Do you eat good, exercise daily, eat on time and healthy?

2. Are you giving yourself adequate rest to prevent burnout?

3. Do you feel that you need transformation?

Well if you are true to yourself you will feel some lacunae is there as we prioritise luxury when it comes to a big house and fancy car.

I can attest to the fact that cosmetic surgery in our society is still considered Luxury.

It actually transform a person with a crooked nose or heavy breasts that is interfering in daily activities.

In right candidate, it does boost self esteem which in turn reflects both in personal and professional growth.

It’s not that if you can afford you shouldn’t buy a big car but the point is you shouldn’t judge someone who is getting a cosmetic procedure done as it’s all about refining once reflection which helps in boosting his/her self confidence.

P. S – This is not a paid brand promotion of Audi 😅

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