Face Lift

“When you change a person’s face, you almost change the basic talents, abilities and behaviour.”

Maxwell Maltz


Facelift is the gold standard of anti-ageing procedures. It has the potential to turn back the clock and can boost one’s self-confidence. Modern techniques of facelift ensure long lasting results which are natural. Dr. Anmol Chugh performs the latest technique of LIFT & FILL Facelift innovated by World renowned Plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich.

Face Lift

Latest in FaceLift: MACS lift

MACS lift or Minimal access Cranial Suspension suture lift is ideal for 40-55 years of age group who want refinement like full facelift but don’t have time for it or are scared of big scar.

MACS lift is a day care procedure which can be done under sedation also to lift your saggy face.

Facial Fillers

60 year old lady – Facial Lift


Facelift is the right procedure for you if you have:

  • Saggy cheek skin
  • Deepnasolabial folds
  • Loose neck and face skin
  • Prominent neck bands
  • Realistic Expectations

Lift and Fill Facelift involves: Lifting the saggy skin and Filling the Fat compartment

  1. Incision- In front of the ear, behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. The incision is given in such a way that it remains hidden under hair.
  2. To lift the saggy cheek areas, Skin and underlying Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layers are separated and tightened.
  3. Filling of all the depleted fat compartments with body’s own fat from tummy/thigh/flanks.
  4. Tightening the neck muscles with contouring around the neck and chin area.

Facelift is done under General Anaesthesia and takes around 4-5 hours.

Facelift is done under General Anaesthesia and takes around 4-5 hours.

Day 0-3 : Swelling increases for initial first few days before it starts subsiding.

Management :

    1. Complete bed rest
    2. Ice compressions
    3. Head end elevated
    4. Pain relievers and supplements
    5. Head shower next day
    6. Restricted activity

Day 4-5 : Swelling decreases


  1. Activities can be increased
  2. Continue supplements and medications
  3. Good diet
  4. Hair care
  5. Head end elevated

Week 1-2: Swelling subsides further


  1. Stitches removal
  2. Can resume deskjob
  3. Light exercise
  4. No bending/stretching
  5. Good diet

Week 2-4: Swelling less, but will be there


  1. Supplements
  2. Hair care
  3. Can sleep with head turned to the side

Month 1-3: Substantial healing, can start socializing


  1. Can resume job
  2. Restrict heavy exercise
  3. Apply sunscreen SPF>30

Month 3-4: Healing continues as results improve


  1. Resume full activity
  2. Sunscreen

At 1 Year: Healing has completed. Follow good skin care routine.

Facelift turns back the clock by 10 years and results lasts for more than 10 years with good skin care routine.

Mini facelift is done through small incisions placed in front of the ear. It mainly corrects the sagging skin around chin and jaw regions and tightens the face muscle.


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