Lip Reduction surgery


Attractive lips are the hallmark of a beautiful face. An ideal lip ratio of upper to lower lip is 1:2 but in some patients this ratio is skewed which misfits with other wise proportionate facial features, that is the “GOLDEN RATIO OF PHI”.

Lip surgery is also an art with a good plastic surgeon no less than an artist. Dr. Anmol Chugh believes in right amalgamation of art and science to provide lips that are proportionate and aesthetic.

Lip Reduction


You are an ideal candidate, if you have:

Large lips

Disproportionate lips

Reversal of lip fillers/implants

Lips has two parts the outer part being Dry vermillion and inner part is called as wet vermillion. In a proportionate lip the inner part which is pink in colour is not visible.

Lip reduction is surgery corrects the ratio by removing the extra pink portion tissue which is visible in large lips. The stitches are placed in a way that incision is not visible as it is on inner side of mouth and these are dissolvable.

It is done under Local anaesthesia in which numbing fluid is given. After the surgery analgesics are also prescribed but most of the patients don’t need it.

Lip reduction is done under one hour as an outpatient procedure.

After surgery, there will be swelling which usually subsides in 5-7 days. A soft diet is advised so that healing process is smooth. There might be tightness, numbness of lips for few days which subsides gradually. Stitches are dissolvable so no need to cut that. To keep the mouth clean you are also prescribed a mouth wash which has to be done after meals.

Lip reduction surgery requires great precision and skills. Like in any other surgery bleeding and infection can happen. In the hands of a certified plastic surgeon it is a safe.

Results are permanent and long lasting.


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