• Non-Surgical Nose Job

    Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty?

    What is Liquid rhinoplasty?   Liquid rhinoplasty, which is also called non-surgical rhinoplasty or a non-surgical nose job, is a cosmetic treatment that uses injectable fillers instead of surgery to change the way the nose looks.   Here’s everything you need to know about liquid rhinoplasty:   Procedure Time   Dr. Chugh infuses dermal fillers, […]

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  • Why do patients choose revision rhinoplasty?

    Why do patients choose revision rhinoplasty?

    One of the key reasons why some individuals may be unsatisfied with the results of their initial rhinoplasty is because of factors that are related to both the appearance and the functionality of their nose. Fortunately, these concerns can be resolved through the procedure of revision rhinoplasty. “Plastic surgeons have a significant challenge when confronted […]

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    How Can Septorhinoplasty Improve Breathing and Nose Health?

    “A well-proportioned and balanced nose can contribute to overall facial harmony,” is that right?   The Answer is “YES“   But, It’s essential to recognize that beauty is highly subjective and that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of a “good” nose shape. What matters most is an individual’s personal satisfaction and comfort with their appearance, […]

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  • Can cleft rhinoplasty and cleft lip revision help adults and teenagers regain their confidence

    Can cleft rhinoplasty and cleft lip revision help adults and teenagers regain their confidence?

    Yes, cleft lip revision and rhinoplasty can help restore confidence in both teens and adults. A cleft lip can cause both physical and emotional distress, as it is a noticeable difference from the norm. Correcting the cleft lip can improve facial symmetry and help patients feel more comfortable with their appearance.

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  • What to expect from your rhinoplasty recovery

    What to expect from your Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery?

    Introduction Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to reshape the nose. It is performed to alleviate breathing problems, correct structural defects like a crooked nose, remove or reduce large bumps on the nose called “rhinophyma” or fix misshapen noses as a result of congenital defects. The surgery takes between one and four hours under […]

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  • Recovery after Rhinoplasty: 10 things you should to know

    10 Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery after Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Are you eager to see the results of your rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery? Then you need to follows some process or tips advised by your plastic surgeon. During recovery time after the surgery done, there are some steps you can take to speed things up and need to ensure that everything heals properly. Rhinoplasty […]

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