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    How to prepare for Facial Feminisation Surgery?

    Gender dysphoria involves multimodal approach. It includes Psychotherapy, hormone therapy and Surgery. It is important to involve endocrinologist, psychiatrist and other relevant specialties besides plastic surgery. Gender affirming surgery encompasses gamut of surgeries. Feminisation Surgery: Face: Facial feminisation, Thyroid cartilage reduction, Hairline modification, Voice modification Chest: Breast augmentation using fat or implants Genitalia: Replacement of […]

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  • Fat Grafting Vs Fillers The best option for your face

    Fat Grafting V/s Fillers: The best option for your face?

    Aging is an inevitable phenomenon but modern facial rejuvenation treatment has allowed reversing the aging clock. While multiple options are ranging from non-surgical to surgical treatments, fillers and fat grafting remain a popular option. But which is better fat or fillers? Let’s find out. Facial Fat Transfer It is a procedure to transfer fat from […]

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