• Celebrity Cheek Surgery: Buccal fat pad removal

    Celebrity Cheek Surgery: Buccal fat pad removal

    You must have noticed especially on Instagram how a celebrity in just few days got that prominent cheekbone with an enviable pout. Is there some make up trick or some God has showered their instant blessings is what we all wonder! A quick google search by the name of “celebrity cheek surgery” reveals a flurry […]

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  • How to Remove Dark Circles

    How to Remove Dark Circles?

    Dark circles are mere patches formed under the eyelids, primarily due to intense fatigue. Such patches are much seen in men and women. Dark circles can make one appear elder than his or her actual age. The treatment is difficult in such cases as Remove Dark Circles is hard to get escape from. Such spots […]

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  • Skin Care

    REVELATION: 5 biggest Skin Care questions answered

    Beauty is skin deep. Inner beauty should be reflected on your face for a comprehensive beauty outlook. In this post I will try and answer 5 most common and most important questions about Skin Care. 1. What is the right way to select a skin care product? Skin care requires a graded approach. Initially start […]

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