Celebrity Cheek Surgery: Buccal fat pad removal

Celebrity Cheek Surgery: Buccal fat pad removal

You must have noticed especially on Instagram how a celebrity in just few days got that prominent cheekbone with an enviable pout. Is there some make up trick or some God has showered their instant blessings is what we all wonder! A quick google search by the name of “celebrity cheek surgery” reveals a flurry of before and after, but what exactly have they got done?


Buccal fat removal has emerged as one of the most searched cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years on web. The trend can be mostly attributed to global celebrities like Bella Hadid whose pictures are rage amongst current generation. Buccal fat pads are simply the cheek fat that makes mid cheek area chubby. Buccal fat pad removal is a surgery that takes out that fat to give face slimmer look.

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are some dos and don’ts and therefore in this article we will see what exactly it involves, why it is a rage amongst youngsters and what does the future holds.


The Procedure


Buccal fat pad removal is not a new procedure and has been done in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgeries for decades. It is only during these last few years Instagram and other social media platforms have popularized buccal fat procedure as solo surgery.


The entire procedure of buccal fat pad removal takes less than 30 minutes. Small injections are given in cheeks to anesthetize and through a small cut equal amount of cheek fat pad is taken out from both the cheeks. Small absorbable stitch is then placed with no scar on outside. Swelling usually subsides in two weeks. For first week you are advised liquid diet and mouth wash although you can resume your job the very next day.

The procedure is mostly done under local anesthesia as it feels like getting wisdom tooth extracted. Cost of the surgery to remove buccal fat pad usually ranges from Rs.45000- Rs.60000 depending on location, clinic, surgeon and anesthesia.

The Right Candidate

Considering the popularity of Buccal fat pad removal is it important to choose the right candidate. An ideal candidate is typically a younger patient in the 20s to 40s with overly full, round, or chubby cheeks who seeks a more balanced facial appearance. It can be done for both males and females considering the fact that they are in good health.

It is important to assess the face in full as a generally rounded face will require more procedures like face and neck liposuction, increasing chin projection or any other ancillary procedure to achieve desired results.

Anyone who wants to undergo buccal fat removal should know about the long-term results of the procedure. While this procedure might give chiseled cheek bone in young but beyond 50 years it is not recommended. The procedure may lead to sunken cheeks and may enhance other signs of facial aging at increased ages. Also, if you have thin face then this procedure is not recommended.


Future of Buccal fat pad removal


As long as there is social media the fad of this procedure will remain. Although, currently there are no statistics available of number of buccal fat pad removal done in a year. The day is not far way when this procedure gains cult status all courtesy informed public mediums and larger social acceptance to look good and feel good.


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