How to Remove Dark Circles

How to Remove Dark Circles?

Dark circles are mere patches formed under the eyelids, primarily due to intense fatigue. Such patches are much seen in men and women. Dark circles can make one appear elder than his or her actual age. The treatment is difficult in such cases as Remove Dark Circles is hard to get escape from. Such spots can be perceived in anyone though few specific categorical people are more prone to it. These are common in older people, people with the same genetic history, and the ones with a darker skin tone as those skin textures are habituated to hyper pigmentation beneath the eye surface.

There are different causes and treatments for dark circles. Many people keep faith in homemade remedies whereas some also go for medical treatments like dark circle removal surgery. Now, we will discuss in detail the various causes of dark circles and the treatments that can follow.

Causes of Dark Circles – (Remove Dark Circles)

The common belief among people regarding the cause of dark circles is fatigue. But, there are several other reasons too that have many roles to play in the formation of dark circles under the eyelids. 

1: Fatigue

Tiring schedules leading to extreme stress and fatigue is a common cause of dark circles. Also, insufficient sleep is another cause that incorporates the formation of fluid under the eyes causing dark patches with due course of time. Incomplete sleep for consecutive days results in a timid skin texture supporting the blood vessels to show up.

2: Aging Factors

Aging is a significant natural cause that contributes to the formation of dark circles. With age, the skin is sure to become much thin losing the elasticity. Consequently, the underlying blood vessels tend to show up and appear much darker under the eyelashes. People often tend to undergo dimple plastic surgery to escape from it.

3: Affected eyes

Too much indulgence with electronic goods like mobiles and TVs puts a harsh impact on the eyes. Exposure to television or phone screens with high brightness can affect have adverse effects on the eyes. It gives room to the blood vessels to enlarge and darken around the eyelids.

4: Dehydration

A significant cause of the dark circles is dehydration. When there isn’t adequate water supply in the body, the skin starts to appear pale and mellow. This gives rise to the circles and patches beneath the eye area.

5: Transmission through Genetics

Genetics and family history are very much significant in giving rise to dark circles under the eyes. In some cases, the person might inherit this insight at an early age and the problem continues to persist as time moves. On the other hand, in many cases, the dark circles are seen to have vanished slowly.

Treatments for Removal of Dark Circles

People generally opt for two types of remedies to get rid of dark circles. One is the home treatments and the other professional consultation with the doctors. 

Home Remedies

Sometimes, people follow very regular home remedies to prevent skin darkening. This is something like undergoing a Remove Dark Circles surgery at home in a much simpler and less painful way.

The treatment generally depends on the cause of the dark circles beneath the eye surface. However, certain measures are adapted in most of the cases.

1: Applying Cold Solution

A cold bulk is eligible to eliminate the mellowness of the screen, reducing the darkening effects under the eyes. One can immerse a cloth in chilled water and apply the same in the dark spots for about 15 minutes. Even, soothing the area with iced cloth is also of great help. The process needs to be repeated for consecutive days.

2: Having Sufficient Sleep

Too much anxiety and insufficient sleep is a major cause of dark circles. Inadequate sleep may make the skin look much pale. So, greeting to sleep at least for about eight to nine hours can help reduce the stress leading to the lightening of the dark spots.

3: Treating the eyes with tea bags

Tea consists of antioxidants and caffeine that readily act as a solution to the proper blood circulation. After dampening a tea bag in hot water for about three minutes, it must be chilled inside freeze. Then, the solution must be applied thoroughly beneath the dark circle area for about ten minutes. Upon removal of the same, the eyes need to be washed with water.

4: Using Concealers

A minor method to hide the dark spots is applying makeup concealers. Though, the selection of the same needs to be done depending on the skin type or else it can invite allergies giving rise to major issues. Many cosmetic surgery doctors prescribe this method, depending upon the skin type of the patient and how much his or her skin is ready to adjust with concealers.

Medical Consultation

Many people tend to consult cosmetic surgery doctors and go for medical treatments as this ensures better and impactful results. Many treatments are there to help reduce the effect of dark spots permanently. Some of the most significant ones are,

  • Incorporating chemical tablets to cut down the possibilities of pigmentation.
  • Surgeries to reshape the texture and keeping the tightening effect intact.
  • Implementation of fats through surgery.
  • Applying tissues fillers to smooth the blood vessels beneath the eyelids area, reducing the dark effects.
  • Removal of excessive fat, giving the skin a smoother texture.
  • Medical methods to push pigment near the affected area.

It is recommendable, to have a proper consultation with the doctor before proceeding towards any surgery. Generally, medical treatments require a longer time and are painful at different stages as well.

In today’s time, most of the people are work addicts. As time goes on, competition along with the tension in every field increases a lot more. Thus, stress, tiredness, sleeplessness are very common among people. But what can do, is to take very few measures to stop skin darkening or dark circles. Allowing themselves at least 7 hours of sleep with proper meals and water on time can help to reduce the problem of dark circles to a great extent. Following the home remedies often give quick results if followed properly.