Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries

Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries

The decade has undoubtedly been a decade of rising appearance concerns. An hourglass figure, shimmering cat eyes, perfect nose, and dense shining hair are some of the biggest flexes one could have in 2020.

With appearance being the utmost concern, cosmetic plastic surgeries are the best beauty enhancement resort one could think of to get the desired beauty features. These surgeries are known for enhancing the quality of your hair, skin, and body parts and providing you the appearance you always aspired for.

A cosmetic surgery doctor prescribes several types of plastic cosmetic surgeries for adjusting your appearance, a list of which is given below.

Lip Augmentation: Lip augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgeries. The lip cosmetic surgery, as the name suggests, is a surgery to get beautiful lips to meet your appearance goals. Lip augmentation is known for providing fuller-looking lips that look much attractive and beautify your appearance by manifolds. 

How is lip augmentation performed?

Lip augmentation is performed by injecting dermal fluids into the lips, which increases the volume and enhances the texture and structure of the lip, giving them an entirely new look.

Life of the surgery

Lip augmentation is temporary, with its effect lasting for 6 to 8 months after which the patient needs to revisit the Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries doctor

Liposuction: Women have always been running behind the hour-glass shaped body and cosmetic plastic surgery has a solution. Liposuction helps you achieve your desired body shape by removing the fat deposits beneath the skin. But the surgery is not meant for weight loss.

Liposuction can be performed stomach, thighs, arms, back, breasts (for men), etc.

How is the surgery performed?

Liposuction removes the fat deposits underneath the skin through ultrasound or a vacuum suction cannula which is a pen-shaped instrument designed for removing fat deposits.

Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is a cosmetic surgery used for providing smoother skin by scraping away the topmost layer of the skin. Dermabrasion cosmetic surgery is generally used for:

  • Removing wrinkles and age spots
  • Fighting acne scars, suntans, and damaged skin
  • Lesions on the skin
  • Crow’s feet, etc.

How is Dermabrasion performed?

The skin-resurfacing surgery is performed by removing the top layer of the skin using a fast-rotating device under local anesthesia. The device sands out the topmost layer of the skin. The skin later repairs itself, giving a smooth and shining texture to the skin. The skin repair may take more than 10 days to repair. 

Hair Transplantation: Hair loss, receding hairline, and premature baldness are some of the most common problems faced by millions of people. Resorting to cosmetic plastic surgeries transforms your look through hair transplantation.

How is Hair transplantation performed?

Hair transplantation is the process of removing hair from the area of growth and transplanting to the area where the growth has stopped (for example scalp, chin, or cheek).

A thousand hairs transplanted in a single seating but some patients may require more than one seating for the complete transplant. The surgery is extremely safe and shows a mind-blowing transition in the appearance.

How long does hair transplantation last?

Hair transplantation usually lasts for a lifetime but the life of the surgery also depends upon the hormonal changes in the patient’s body.

Facelift: Rhytidectomy, commonly known as facelift surgery, is a plastic surgery known for reducing the visible aging signs including:

  • Sagging due to relaxing of the skin
  • Deepening fold lines between nose and mouth
  • Hanging fat
  • Loose skin of the neck (turkey neck)
  • Double chin

Facelift surgery is known for restoring the youthful contours of the skin and making you feel young and cheerful. Other surgeries like brow lift and eyelid surgery can also be performed along with the facelift surgery to enhance your beauty by manifolds.

How is facelift surgery performed?

Facelift surgery is performed by making an incision in the front ear which extends till the hairline and also behind the ear into the scalp under local anesthetics.  

How long does the facelift surgery last?

Facelift surgery shows long-lasting results and has a lifetime of 10 years.   

Tummy Tuck: Tummy tuck surgeries are one of the cosmetic plastic surgeries used for giving a sleek profile to the body. The surgery targets the abdominal region and involves a process of cutting down the fat deposits and skin and restoring the weakened muscles in this region to give the patient a better figure.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is carried out by making an elliptical incision between the belly-button and the pubic area to remove the excess skin and fat deposits. After this, fascia, the connective tissue in the abdominal region is tightened to give a perfect shape to the region.

How long does tummy tuck last?

Tummy tuck surgery is permanent and lasts for a lifetime but it’s not a substitute for regular exercising as tummy tuck requires weight maintenance for retaining its results.

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery used for treating nose defects, such as:

  • Resizing the nose
  • Treating nose injury marks
  • Treat birth defects
  • Reshaping the nose
  • Changing the nose angle
  • Treating breathing problems, etc.
  • Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the process used for resizing or reshaping the breast for giving a better profile. If the surgery is carried out to increase the breast size, it is known as a breast implant.

Cosmetic surgery in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is an abode is several renowned plastic surgeons performing world-class cosmetic surgeries. The highly-qualified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries doctors are best known for their high-end cosmetic surgeries and transforming the look of thousands of people throughout India and abroad.

Cosmetic surgeries are extremely safe if performed using correct techniques and technologies. Resorting to plastic cosmetic surgeries helps you get an entirely new look and get an appearance that you always aspired for.