Skin Care

REVELATION: 5 biggest Skin Care questions answered

Beauty is skin deep. Inner beauty should be reflected on your face for a comprehensive beauty outlook.

In this post I will try and answer 5 most common and most important questions about Skin Care.

1. What is the right way to select a skin care product?

Skin care requires a graded approach. Initially start with a Vitamin C based serum or Retinol based cream. A sunscreen of SPF>30 is a must along with application of moisturizer. The best way is to select according to one’s skin type.

2. What’s my skin type?

Oily Skin – Shiny, oily skin with greasy texture

Dry Skin – Dull, lusterless

Normal – Soft, smooth

Oily Plus Dry Skin

3. What products should I use for skin care according to my skin type?

Oily Skin – Cleanser, Sun Screen SPF>30, Moisturizer (Oil free), Retinol cream

Dry Skin – Cleanser, SunScreen, Moisturizer (Hydrating)

Normal – Cleanser, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Retinol

Oily Plus Dry – Cleanser, Sunscreen, Moisturiser, Retinol alternate day

4. Can retinol be used in all skin types?

Retinol works well for fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles Surgery, mild acne. But it causes dry skin and flakiness. People with dry skin type should avoid. Also retinol being sun sensitive should be applied only at night.

In my practice, I have observed that the best way to apply retinol cream in sensitive skin is to apply every other night or mix it with a moisturizer with retinol cream over it.

5. Can retinol and vitamin C mixed creams be used?

The mechanism of action of both retinol and vitamin C cream is at different pH. So it’s better to use them separately at different times.