5 Biggest Misconceptions about Liposuction

Liposuction is one the most sought after procedure worldwide but there are many misconceptions about liposuction. The popularity of Liposuction is can be both due to increase awareness about body contouring and also patient’s high expectations. In a world full of advertisements and marketing it is important it is good to clear some common misconceptions about Liposuction.

1. Misconception: Liposuction is a Weight loss surgery

Fact: It’s not a weight-loss Surgery procedure. Liposuction is for patients have tried the D.E.A.L approach. Diet, Exercise, Active Lifestyle and in the end Liposuction. The main difference liposuction makes it is to Inches not Kgs. A good candidate for liposuction is one with problem areas of stubborn fat.The risks of performing liposuction on too obese patient without looking for other conservative options is real.

2. Misconception: Liposuction can be done by anyone

Fact:The common misconception is that Liposuction just involves sucking out the fat through a small cannula. In reality liposuction is a complex procedure as your Plastic Surgeon not only analyses the fat which is visible but also the internal fat, the quality of skin, underlying conditions and other factors. A certified plastic surgeon not only removes fat but also does it in a way that it sculpts the area and that is why the term LIPOSCULPTING!

3. Misconception: Results are seen immediately after Liposuction

Fact: The results of liposuction can be appreciated immediately after surgery but it can take upto 3-6 months to get the desired shape. The swelling after liposuction starts subsiding after a week and takes time. It is important to wear compression garment after Liposuction as suggested by your plastic surgeon to achieve comprehensive results.

4. Misconception: Skin will hang in areas of liposuction

Fact:The assessment of skin quality is an important factor as it re drapes after liposuction to assume new shape. Skin is an elastic structure composed of proteins like collagen and elastin. This allows the skin to expand and contract. Also, number of factors are taken into consideration like amount of fat, area of fat, stretch marks, skin thickness, use of compression garments which helps in avoiding loose and hanging skin after liposuction Surgery.

5. Misconception: Liposuction can only be done in General Anaesthesia

Fact: Depending on the area and amount of fat plus patient’s general fitness it can be done in both local and general anesthesia. The results are same. Especially in areas like neck, arms, chest fat in male’s liposuction can be done in local anesthesia.

The best way to get best results is to do your research and be never afraid to ask whether your cosmetic surgeon is a certified plastic surgeon.

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