SMILE like you mean it!!

Human smile is the most powerful thing as it can elevate mood of people around you. A genuine smile is one of the most influential human expressions. But is there a way that you can differentiate a fake smile from a genuine smile. Research has shown that there is a Duchenne Marker that can help identify genuine smile?

What is Duchenne Marker?

Guillaume Duchenne was a 19th-century scientist who described many muscle of body, including the muscles that control facial expression.

A Duchenne Marker is for a smile that raises the corners of mouth that reaches your eyes and wrinkles corners of eye called crow’sfeet. It involves action of two muscles namely Zygomatic major that acts on mouth and Orbicularis oculi that acts on eye.

What does Duchenne smile signify?

It is important to note that Non-Duchenne smile shouldn’t be considered as “fake”. Also some people are skilled to infect copy a Duchenne smile.

Duchenne smile serves a useful marker to signify emotions, connect and establish a bond. A person with genuine smile is seen as powerful communicator, trustworthy, authentic, and friendly. It has been linked to release of endorphins and a healthy lifestyle.

In many cultures, a different styleofsmile can be considered as genuine but in various studies Duchenne’s smile has been accepted as a good cultural and scientific science of engagement and happiness.

Smiles vary. From genuine expression of feelings or a smile with purpose, it is an important part of human interaction and to connect socially.

Smiling with your eyes and mouth can lift mood, calm you down, and help forge connections with other people.

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