Cosmetic Surgery

5 Questions to ask in your Online Cosmetic Surgery consultation

The beginning of Covid Pandemic has changed the way we communicate. From Zoom calls, Cisco meetings, Google handouts, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp all the mediums are being utilized to effectively exchange ideas, communicate and also for tele consultation. To minimize the risk of Corona transmission, Government of India also allowed an online consultation.

Although it is difficult to completely replace an online consultation, a good preparation could help you better in preparing for cosmetic surgery.

1 Know your problem areas

It is important to get a good idea of what are the problem areas like area of stubborn fat, wrinkles or breast size. You should make a list of top 3 things that you should like to address the problem area and then let your plastic surgeon help you explain what can or cannot be achieved.

2 Are you a certified Plastic Surgeon?

This might seem an awkward question but a real plastic surgeon will be happy to tell his credentials so that you can establish a rapport and be confident about the cosmetic surgery procedure that you plan to get done.

3 How frequently do you perform this cosmetic surgery procedure?

A plastic surgeon will be happy to discuss with you the cosmetic surgery procedure that you desire and also show results of some previous patients that he has operated upon with similar problems and the results that can be achieved. An online video consultation allows a surgeon to assess your problem and also a good guide for patient on what to expect.

4 How long will be my recovery?

Even though you might be working online but it is important to ensure complete recovery you take adequate rest and minimize work. The recovery period in Covid pandemic times needs to be carefully monitored and social distancing, hand hygiene, masks should all be followed. You can ask your doctor for online follow up and can order online medications. Also the preoperative Covid test and all other blood tests can be arranged at home so you get smooth pre and post – operative care.

5 What will be the total cost of my cosmetic surgery?

The total price for any surgical procedure includes surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, operating room expenses, and any materials involved, such as implants.Price for a procedure will vary depending on your specific needs and goals. It will also depend in which hospital or place that you are getting the procedure at. A reputable plastic surgeon will provide you with a detailed and personalised fee quote which will help you decide your cosmetic surgery.