Can liposuction cause death?

Can liposuction cause death?

Liposuction has been in news quite some time because of not so good reasons.

Can liposuction lead to death remains a question in mind of patients before undergoing an elective cosmetic surgery foe body contouring.

Liposuction can be done in different areas.

1. Liposuction for Belly fat
2. Liposuction for Double Chin
3. Liposuction for gynecomastia
4. Liposuction for lipoma
5. Liposuction with Tummy Tuck
6. Liposuction for love handles
7. Liposuction of arms
8. Liposuction of buttocks
9. Liposuction of thighs
10. Liposuction of face

Liposuction can also be combined with fat transfer.

Versatility and use of latest liposuction equipments has made the procedure safe.

But can Liposuction kill you??

Unfortunately, answer is Yes.


1. Mega Liposuction- Too much removal of fat can cause fluid imbalance and therefore lead to complications.

Important to note in one session only 10% of body weight should be taken out as fat (litres) during liposuction .

2. Untrained professionals – Another important question to ask is Liposuction surgery is done by which doctor? Answer to that is – Only a board certified plastic surgery who is well trained in body contouring surgery should do Liposuction.

3. Shady clinics- Proper hospital with good anesthesia and ICU back up is must.

4. Local or General Anesthesia – Local or General anesthesia for liposuction?

It’s heavily advertised that liposuction with local anesthesia is safer but it is important to understand that heavy dosage can be detrimental to heart and can lead to heart attacks, seizure etc.

Therefore it’s important to understand that proper evaluation must be done before the surgery and not in every case liposuction without general anaesthesia is a good option.

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