10 Things to do after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Delhi NCR

BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, a type of surgery that typically includes liposuction. The surgery is done to enhance the appearance of the buttocks.

  • But, what is BBL?
  • And, after BBL surgery, what should you do?

People often have this procedure to reduce stubborn fat on their abdomen, hips and thighs that can’t be removed with diet or exercise alone and to give a more proportioned look to the body especially hips.

There are many things that one should do after BBL surgery including following up with doctor’s instructions; 

  • Getting enough rest and following
  • any post-op pain medication as prescribed by your doctor;
  • wearing COMPRESSION garment ;
  • reducing strenuous activity and
  • returning to work according to your doctor’s advice;
  • keeping wounds clean and many things

Dr. Anmol Chugh, board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Imperio Clinics Premium Aesthetic Centre, Gurugram and Head of Plastic and Aesthetic Centre of CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram (Delhi NCR) shares top 10 Things to Do After A Brazilian Butt Lift.

Compression Garments

Compression Garments are aadvised to help reduce swelling and also maintain compression on the liposuction area. They should be worn for most of the day (including while sleeping) for at least six weeks post-surgery.

Sleeping Position:

Sleeping Position: Try and sleep in prone position that is on your tummy and not turn your back as the fat can be displaced at least for the first two weeks then you can try a 45 degree angle but make sure that you do not sleep exactly on the sides also because it might displace the fat.

Sitting Position:

Use the BBL pillow under the thigh so that the pressure can be taken off from your buttocks at least for the first two weeks and after that also try and restrict your sitting at least for another two weeks.


Massage those areas in which liposuction has been done according to what your plastic surgeon has suggested you. It can be the back region of the tummy region and the massage can be done properly and it helps in reducing the swelling.


Take medicines as prescribed by your consulting plastic surgeon. Generally According to Dr Anmol Chugh, “I prescribe five days course of antibiotics and pain killers. Most of my patients don’t need any painkillers, after a day or two slight discomfort is there that can be easily resolved”.

Note : Take prescribed medicines as advised by your plastic surgeon and follow medication instructions depending on what kind of surgery you underwent.


Drink more fluids than usual to help maintain healthy levels of electrolytes in your body. Maintain hydration that means have adequate amount of fluids so that poster you can bounce back to the work with good efficiency and faster.

Drainage :

Some fluid might be coming out through puncture holes that is completely normal for the first 24 hours. That color can be reddish and usually resolves in two three days and after that fluid drainage stops. You can use Simple gauze piece to cover that area so that your compression garment or other waste and all that doesn’t become bad.

Bathing :

You can take bath immediately after the surgery after 24 hours, but make sure that when you take shower but do not put water for too long as it might cause infections.

Good diet : 

Ensure that high protein diet is followed after your surgery, so that fast recovery is there and your results are maintained.

  • Do not take highly calories.
  • Don’t use alcohol for at least two weeks, and
  • Don’t smoking for at least six weeks


Your results can be appreciated immediately understand that 20 to 50 percent of the fat can be dissolved and the final results are always seen at the end of one year