Chin Augmentation using Intra Oral Chin Implants

14 Point Plan for Chin Augmentation using Intra Oral Chin Implants

Chin Augmentation using Intra Oral Chin Implants – Dr. Chugh – International Speaker at IMCAS ASIA,22

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation or implants is a procedure designed to increase the size or correct the shape of the chin. It is becoming more and more popular because patients nowadays are preferring to have a rounded, symmetrical face with a large, defined chin.

Some of the goals of Chin Augmentation include:

  • Correcting a recessed or too prominent chin
  • Changing an asymmetrical jawline
  • Asymmetrical facial features
  • Fixing an overly full nose.

Intra oral chin implants

Intra oral chin implants are a surgical procedure to achieve the appearance of a more prominent, less recessed chin. This form of chin augmentation is performed through an incision inside the mouth, and is becoming increasingly popular due to its low-risk profile and minimal downtime.

In order for an individual to be eligible for this procedure, they must have enough natural tissue at the base of their jawbone or under their chin that can support the implant.

When it comes to Intra oral Chin Implants, the main dreaded complication is higher risk of Infection.

Unfortunately, there is no such evidence in terms of higher risk of infection with intra oral approach.

The main advantage of Intra oral approach is no scarring and therefore no tell tale sign of surgery.

Benefits of Intra Oral Chin Implants:

  • Enhances chin profile and contours
  • Reduces the size of the chin profile
  • Creates a more female shaped jawline
  • Fixes any issues with the lower jaw alignment
Dr. Chugh – International Speaker at IMCAS ASIA,22
Dr. Chugh – International Speaker at IMCAS ASIA,22

Dr. Anmol Chugh is an international expert in the field of Facial aesthetics. Recently, he described a unique 14 point plan for Chin Augmentation at IMCAS, Asia 2022

  1. Oral hygiene Optimisation

-Thorough examination to rule out any prior intra oral infection.

  1. No smoking

– 2 weeks before surgery smoking is stopped and post surgery also for 4 weeks.

  1. Antibiotic at induction

Antibiotics prophylaxis is given write before making any incision to lower down the risk of infection.

  1. Correct implant placement & Atraumatic dissection

-Adequate pocket size with electrocautery ensures correct placement of chin implants.

  1. Prospective Hemostasis

-Clean dissection across all planes.

  1. Adequate pocket size

Pocket size to be made according to chin implants dimensions.

  1. Pocket irrigation with Triple Antibiotic solution

-Triple Antibiotics solution contains Betadine, Cefazolin and Gentamicin that covers all sort of infections.

  1. Change gloves ( Powder free)

-No impurities from glove should pass on chin implant pocket.

  1. Minimise time between implant opening and placement
  2. Proper implant placement


  1. Proper fixation with Titanium micro screws

These are biodegradable and integrate very well with body tissue

  1. Close Mentalis properly

To prevent any kind of deformity, muscle closure is must. Mentalis may be closed with stitches, interrupted sutures, or absorbable sutures.The type of closure depends on the patient’s tissue and tooth or bone healing preference. When used for chin augmentation, Mentalis closure is not mandatory but it does provide a straighter edge to the incision.

  1. Post surgery Antibiotics


  1. Good post op oral hygiene


Why consult Dr Anmol Chugh for Chin Augmentation /Implant surgery in Delhi NCR?

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, a chin implant can be an excellent example of cosmetic surgery with a relatively high success rate. The benefits are many and they can significantly improve your appearance, self-confidence and life quality.

Dr. Anmol Chugh is a board certified plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR who provides the most comprehensive and personalized treatments for his/her patients. He has extensive training in all aspects of plastic surgery and is committed to providing his patients with the highest level of care for their cosmetic needs.