India has always been at the forefront of skin and hair beauty since time immemorial. Home- made remedies like multanimitti for skin, turmeric for face , henna for hair has been a time tested tradition.

5 Natural ways for Glowing Skin

As we turn to learn from the past, the latest buzz in skin care which is being actively promoted by bloggers globally and is taking up on Jade golden rollers for facial massage is KANSA WAND.

Kansa as the name suggests is a Sanskrit word for BRONZE which in turn is an alloy of copper and tin. This massager has a bronze knob that needs to be rubbed gently on face. Although not

scientifically proven it is said that bronze attracts acidic elements of skin thus giving a glowing skin. Many people have reported that they daily use this wand in night and have experienced glow in their skin by doing regular concentric massage.

Which is better the Kansa wand or jade roller?

Some users of Kansa wand found that the routine’s movements required more concentration than jade roller up and therefore a more effective message.

kansa wand

How does it work then?

The effect on skin can be partially explained by increase in lymphatic drainage as the massager is rolled but there is no proof as of now that bronze takes away acidic particles of the skin.
Fads come and go but for holistic care of the skin it is important that you eat right, sleep right and live right!!

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