Silk Peel Treatment

3 Important questions to ask yourself about your skin:

  • Do you want a brighter skin?
  • Do you want better complexion?
  • Do you want acne and pigmentation free skin?

If the answer is Yes to any of these questions then we have the solution. Introducing breakthrough ‘3in1’ skin care technology Silk Peel Dermal Infusion Medifacial aka Miami Diamond facial.

The new monthly essential: Silk peel

Silk peel is the latest innovation which has 3 in 1 action as it Extracts deep, Exfoliates dead skin and Infuses essential serums into skin. It is all in one solution for skin conditions like acne, dry skin, rough texture, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, melisma, fine lines, dehydrated skin, photo damaged skin.

Silk peel: Understanding the technology

Silk peel Dermal infusion is powered by its exclusive and patented handpieces which deliver many benefits in one go. The tip of the hand piece has a suction chamber that lifts up the skin for Extraction and then microdermabrasion is performed by Exfoliating action of Diamond tip. At the same time, suction pressure infuses skin with serums rich in various nutrients.

There are six different kind of diamond tips and four different type of serums which is customized according to requirements of patient’s skin.

  • Ultra hydrating Serum: for extra moisture, plumping and to reduce fine lines.
  • Pore clarifying serum: Reduction in surface oil, acne and clogged pores.
  • Vitamin C serum: Pigment reduction, sun damaged skin, dull skin.
  • Skin brightening serum: Hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dull skin.

Unlike any other skin rejuvenation device Silk peel is non-surgical, not heat or laser based and therefore comfortable with no downtime. The results are instantaneous.

Why silk peel should be on your must have list?

Silk peel rejuvenates the skin completely and makes it radiant. It is completely nonsurgical that means no cuts and no itching or heat like chemical peel. Normal, dry, moist or mixed skin patients can all use it without any side effects or pain. You can get rid of blackhead, whitehead simultaneously. It removes dead skin, hydrates it and helps in achieving younger looking skin.


A numbing cream or an injection is given before the procedure so that it’s painless. After the procedure also, patient don’t even feel the need of taking analgesics.

Depending on your skin type, usually we recommend 4-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Each skin type is unique and therefore a customized treatment plan is given after your skin analysis.

Silk peel is smooth like silk. Unlike chemical peel there is no pain or downtime. You can resume your work after the session as the slightest of redness goes in just two hours.

A single session of silk peel starts from Rs. 10,000 and is customized according to the requirement of serum.

There is an instant glow as the skin is cleansed. The results keep on getting better with time.


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