What Should You Know About Breast Implant Illnesses

What Should You Know About Breast Implant illness? AskDrAnmol

What is Breast Implant illness?

The term “breast implant illness” (BII) refers to a collection of symptoms that some women who have breast implants claim to suffer. These warning signs and symptoms can range widely and include fatigue, aches and pains in the joints and muscles, memory loss, rashes, hair loss, and autoimmune-like symptoms.

Breast implant illness symptoms and signs you need to know

Several symptoms that some women with breast implants claim to encounter collectively are referred to as “breast implant sickness” (BII). These signs and symptoms can differ from person to person and may or may not be experienced by persons who have breast implants. It’s critical to remember that these symptoms are varied and may be related to a variety of diseases. The following list of BII-related symptoms and warning indications is frequently reported:

  • Fatigue: Persistent and extreme tiredness or lack of energy.
  • Joint and Muscle Pain: Aching, stiffness, or discomfort in the joints and muscles.
  • Cognitive Difficulties: Problems with memory, concentration, or mental clarity (sometimes referred to as “brain fog”).
  • Sleep disturbances: Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Autoimmune-like Symptoms: Some individuals report symptoms that resemble autoimmune diseases, such as joint swelling, rash, or flu-like symptoms.
  • Skin Problems: Rashes, itching, or dry skin.
  • Hair Loss: Excessive hair shedding or thinning.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes: Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit or neck.
  • Chronic Inflammation: Persistent inflammation in various parts of the body.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Digestive problems like bloating, abdominal pain, or changes in bowel movements.
  • Mood Disorders: Anxiety, depression, irritability, or mood swings.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that these symptoms might have a variety of causes, making a full evaluation by a board-certified plastic surgeon imperative to ascertain the underlying cause and proper course of action. For a precise diagnosis and recommendations, it is advised that you meet with Dr. Anmol Chugh if you are displaying any alarming symptoms related to your breast implants.

How common is breast implant illness?

Due to a number of circumstances, it is difficult to pinpoint the actual prevalence or incidence of breast implant disease (BII). One factor is the absence of standardised diagnostic criteria and a diagnosis for BII, making it challenging to precisely identify and track cases.

According to the current study, 4.7% of cosmetic breast implant revisions—or 0.1% of all implants inserted—were done as a result of BII. Prevalence rates of BII-like symptoms had previously been reported to range from 38.5% to 84.7% in women with breast implants, with postoperative rheumatic symptoms accounting for 37.4% of cases, the emergence of a pattern of systemic complaints accounting for more than 65% of cases, and three or more BII symptoms.

Note Reference : https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2797175

Given the evolving nature of research and clinical understanding, it is recommended to consult with plastic surgeon and refer to reputable sources for the most up-to-date information on BII.

Breast implant illness : Tests and diagnosis

Since there isn’t a specific diagnostic test for breast implant sickness (BII), it can be difficult to diagnose the disorder. In order to accurately diagnose BII, a person’s symptoms, medical history, and the exclusion of any other possible reasons must all be carefully examined.

You should see a plastic surgeon if you think you could develop BII or if you have symptoms connected to your breast implants. They could assist you in getting a diagnosis.

Treatment :  breast implant illness

The treatment of breast implant illness (BII) can vary depending on the individual and their specific symptoms. In this condition Total capsulectomy is a common treatment that plastic surgeons carry out.

What is total capsulectomy?

Total capsulectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the entire capsule of scar tissue (capsule) that forms around a breast implant.

“It’s important to note that total capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that should be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon experienced in breast surgery. The decision to undergo total capsulectomy should be made after a thorough evaluation and discussion with your surgeon regarding the risks, benefits, and potential outcomes.”