Case Studies – Dark Circles

Chief Complaint

The patient is a young female who presented in her late-30’s. Her main desire was to get her dark circles treated which was still the same after trying various dermatological procedures.



The patient had bilateral dark circles under her eyes. Her skin around eyes were thin and also there were signs of aging due to saggy cheeks and tear trough deformity. Patient’s main concern was dark circles and she wanted a permanent solution as she has tried all dermatological procedures like peel, lasers, creams, medicines etc. but was not satisfied. She was offered the latest treatment of Nanofat transfer for dark circles as Nanofat decreases pigmentation and promote collagen growth due to stem cells, the effect of which starts coming in 3 months.



Under local anesthesia, in a certified outpatient surgical center, the patient had surgical treatment of dark circles. A small hidden cut was given in navel and a cannula was inserted after giving adequate local anaesthetic solution. Cannula was then used to take out the fat which is macrofat. This fat after the process of washing with saline was further processed to microfat and then nanofat by passing 30 times to two syringes. Nanofat was then injected in eyelid region after local anaesthesia. It was injected under the periorbital skin. There was no pain after procedure and patient was discharged on antibiotics and painkillers.  Recovery was uneventful with good patient satisfaction.

 The patient is shown 3 months after procedure.

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