Case studies – Botox Treatment

Chief Complaint

The patient is a female who presented in her mid-40’s. Her main desire was to reduce the wrinkles in her forehead region and around eye region with slight lifting of eyelids.


The patient had significant dynamic wrinkles in forehead, glabella and crow’s feet that was adding 10 years to her current age. She also had bit bunny lines but was not bothered by that. Also, it was explained that her static wrinkles although very faint won’t get treated by Botox. She was explained about the need for botulinum toxin to take care of her dynamic wrinkles.


Under local anesthesia by applying numbing cream for 45 minutes, in a certified outpatient surgical center, the patient had BOTOX. In her case, after consultation it was decided that 50 units of Botox (Allergan) will be used. Fine needle was used for botox on the muscles of forehead that is frontalis, in glabella that is procerus and corrugator supercili and crow’s feet around eyes that is orbicularis oculi. Total of 50 units were used in a way to ensure along with anti -wrinkle action slight brow lift can be accommodated. There was no post procedure bruising. Standard advise and precautions were explained to the patient.

 The patient is shown 2 weeks after procedure.

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