15 Things that you need to know about Breast Implants

15 Things that you need to know about Breast Implants

  1. First silicon breast implant was done in USA in 1962 and even after 60 years it still remains one of the most common cosmetic surgery with 2.3 million breast implants done globally every year.
  2. 87 percent of all plastic surgery globally is done on women and the number one procedure is breast implants.
  3. Breasts are made of fat tissue and gland with primary function of them being feeding.
  4. No two breasts are alike as they are different.
  5. Underneath breast is chest muscle that is the pectoralis muscle and beneath that is the ribs.
  6. The development of breasts takes place till 21 years and it depends on both genetic and environmental factors. The size of breast can be determined by the hormonal levels, the diet you consume and the environmental exposure.
  7. In under developed breasts two options that plastic surgeons give is to augment with body’s own fat that is known as fat grafting or use implants which are silicone or saline.
  8. Silicone implants are 76% of all the implants that are done worldwide.
  9. The size of implant that you want is measured in centimeter cube and one cup size is roughly equal to 150 or 200 cc of fluid
  10. There are three types of breast planes that are made while doing breast implants
    1. Subglandular – Under the gland of the breast
    2. Subpectoral – Under the chest muscle
    3. Dual plane- Both subglandular and subpectoral approaches
  11. There are three incision types that can be given
    1. Under the axilla that is in the armpits
    2. Peri areolar that is around nipples
    3. Infra mammary that is under the breast where incision is hidden
  12. Two types of implants – Textured implants and the smooth implants
    1. Textured implants have been associated with known as ALCL (Anaplastic large cell lymphoma)
    2. Smooth implants are now the favored implants in the case of breast augmentation.
  13. Breast implants like any other implants e.g. knee hip implants are totally safe.
  14. Breast implants are sturdy and don’t get ruptured even if you take a car on it
  15. Good candidate for breast implants
  • After mastectomy
  • Congenital small breast
  • Post-feeding mothers who have saggy breasts
  • Underdeveloped breasts with self-esteem issue
  • Gender reassignment surgery

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