Liposuction Wars

Liposuction Wars: How Microaire Liposuction procedure is more advanced than Traditional Procedure?

  • What is Microaire?

  • Why Microaire is better than the traditional liposuction?

  • What is the cost of a power assisted liposuction surgery?

What is Microaire?

Traditional liposuction involves the use of cannula this cannula that has holes in the end and these holes help in sucking out the fat. But these are vigorous movements that can cause good amount of trauma to normal tissue that leads to more swelling and bruising and hence slower recovery.

To ensure faster recovery with lesser swelling and bruising a latest device that has come up- Microaire or Power assisted liposuction. It allows us easy removal of the fat due to vibratory movement that doesn’t require that much amount of effort as in traditional liposuction.

Why Microaire is better than traditional liposuction?

The advantages of Microaire can be divided into two categories

Advantages for the surgeon

  • Less Fatigue: Microaire reduces the fatigue that goes into a traditional liposuction as there is less movements at all the joints.
  • Better sculpting: Liposuction using microaire allows us sculpt you better.

Advantages for the Patient

  • Less swelling
  • Less bruising
  • Faster recovery

This technology is available in very few centers in India and very few surgeons are trained in body contouring surgeries using power assisted liposuction that is Microaire. Dr. Anmol Chugh is one of the few listed Plastic surgeons from India who use this technology regularly to sculpt body.

Cost of liposuction

Cost of power assisted liposuction is hardly 10,000 rupees more than traditional liposuction.

We hope that you have now got the answer that who is the right doctor for gynecomastia. Dr. Anmol Chugh is one of the most sought-after speakers in both national and international arena. He is also the chief editor of Plasticos which is an international bulletin for plastic surgeons around the globe.

dr anmol chugh
dr anmol chugh

Dr. Anmol Chugh is a board-certified plastic surgeon in India with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in cosmetic surgeries in the domain of aesthetic surgeries.

Having completed his training from premier institutes like Maulana Azad Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital which was then backed by advanced aesthetic surgery training from Australia. Dr. Chugh offers the best and safest cosmetic surgeries and makes an exclusive bespoke plan for each patient.

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