Case studies-Unilateral Gynecomastia

Chief Complaint

The patient is a young male who presented in her early-20’s. His main desire was to get even and normal chest. He had large chest gland on right side which refused to go away with exercise and medicines that he had tried as prescribed by ayurvedic doctor.


The patient had unilateral gynecomastia of right side. There was excess of breast tissue on right side which was bothering the patient as he was embarrassed to wear tight clothes or do outdoor activities. There was no pain or tenderness but patient explained tightening of right nipple when exposed to cold and slight discomfort. After consultation it was decided that removal of gland was needed on right side of chest. His chest skin quality was good and therefore good retraction of skin was expected.


Under local anesthesia, in a certified outpatient surgical center, the patient had surgical removal of unilateral gland on right side. A small crescent shaped cut was made at the border of areola and chest skin. Incision was 0.7 cm in size taking care of nipple. Complete breast gland was removed on right side by careful excision and ensuring no bleeding with the help of electrocautery. Whole procedure was done in 45 minutes. Skin was closed in double layers with absorbable suture to ensure complete and early recovery. There was no pain after procedure and patient was discharged on antibiotics and painkillers. He was advised to wear compression garment and avoid heavy activities for 6 weeks. Recovery was uneventful with good patient satisfaction.

Case studies-Unilateral Gynecomastia
Case studies-Unilateral Gynecomastia

 The patient is shown immediately after procedure.

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