Case Study – Redo Gynecomastia Surgery in Gurgaon

Redo Gynecomastia

This patient had got his Gynecomastia surgery elsewhere; years back.

Problem areas post first Gynecomastia Surgery –

1. Pucker deformity of nipples
2. Side boobs
3. Bad scar in front of chest

Solution- Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

Pucker or Crater deformity are one of the toughest problems to correct. Nipple skin get directly stuck to muscle if too much gland is removed underneath it.

Along with that front scar had made problem more exaggerated with side boobs not being liposuctioned.

So, We made a plan for him, which included using the same scar to liposuction side boobs, correct crater deformity of nipple by subcision of underlying scar along with fat transfer under neath it and finally revision of front chest scar.

Images are two weeks post op and the results will get better and better.

Redo Gynecomastia Surgery Results
Redo Gynecomastia Surgery Results

Important message :

Don’t compromise your health with cheaper options as ultimately it always doubles up.

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